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Guns we have sold that we truly miss!

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Thread: Guns we have sold that we truly miss!

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    Blued Colt Series 70 Government Model.

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    About 12-13 years back my wife got hurt at work and lost her income, had a hungry newborn and a house, everything went dirt cheap, my first single shot shotgun given to me as a kid from my pop, first revolver i purchased when I became of age and so on. Man I wish some of those could come back. Oh well at least I have cool new toys and it all worked out!!!

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    I miss just about every gun I've ever sold, but especially my S&W Model 29-2 6.5 inch that I bought in the early 70s for MSRP, at a time when M29s were selling for 3 and 4 times retail price, due to the Dirty Harry craze.


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    Sold a Colt Govt Model customized by Bob Chow in San Francisco in 1977. Fine gun and I wish I had it todaqy.

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    Lexington, Ky.
    CZ P-01 and a couple I'm about to sell!

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    Mar 2008
    A 1903A3 Remington I got in 1963 at a hardware store for $25.00.
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    small town wi
    all of them....

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    That Colt Defender I sold....
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    I miss every gun I sold or gave away. Which is why I no longer sell any of my guns. I might give a gun to a relative as an inheritance thing so they will go to someone who really appreciates them.
    My plan though is to replace every gun I got rid of with one similar before I die.

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    I own my share and have only sold a taurus pt140...DON'T miss that...
    two...a Kimber ProTEN II...MISS this one...but sold it to my brother and plan on buying it back...
    just don't sell them...

    --people ask why I carry, and I show them this picture. I think it says it all.--

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    S&W stainless Model 645.

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    My first bad trade was getting rid of a prewar Mauser 22 sporter traded for a S&W Model 27 .357 I wouldn't give you $50 for now. About the same time (18 years old) I traded a Winchester Model 42 for a custom 03A3 30 Belted Newton. While the Newton is a great custom rifle I paid through the nose several years later when I decided to replace both guns. My father sold a .45 Peacemaker for $20 when I was born. He also gave away a couple of 1911s he brought back from WWII. Over the years we both have made some bone headed moves. Dad got rid of the hand guns because my older sister kept messing with them and he thought he was protecting her. He also traded off a .308 Pre 64 model 70 featherweight for an accordian for me when I was 10 years old. I learned to hate that accordian and wish I had the Featherweight. I did purchase a post 64 Featherweight .308 in 1983 when I was stationed at Pope AFB near Fayetteville NC. It will shoot under 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards with my handloads. I've often wondered how well the pre 64 would have shot. My father shot his biggest mule deer buck with it in 1963.

    I also just sold a 1973 Winchester Model 70 375 H&H in fine shape to a good friend for $400. He is going to Africa hunting soon and I offered to loan it to him but he was to worried to do it. A couple of months ago I purchased a Shiloh Sharps 45/70 with great wood, $800 sights and about $1000 worth of extra brass, bullets, moulds and factory loaded ammo with it.
    Life member NRA since 1983
    I carry a Colt Delta Elite 10mm in Milt Sparks VM2 with 2 extra magazines on my belt. This is normally worn on a belt under my bib overalls and works great for me. My wife carries a Walther PPS .40 w/Crossbreed holster.

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