Lately the wife and I have been having problems extracting the factory Ruger 10 round rotary magazines from one of our favorite 10/22s. Most of the times, I've been having to lock the bolt back, and stick my pinky finger in through the ejection port and push the magazine out from the top. Yesterday, I decided I'd get to the bottom of things and fix this problem one way or the other. The Ruger 10/22 lays in one of the Hogue over-molded rubber stocks. First I took the action out of the stock and tested empty magazine insertion/ejection from the bare action and it worked flawlessly.

Next, I placed a few of the magazines in through the stock in the area where they are usually inserted. I noticed the rear of the magazines hung in the stock, while the front of the magazines pivoted forward with no resistance. Interesting.

Now I'm checking the magazines. Front of magazine is 1.247 inches and rear of magazine is 1.2655! A difference of 18.5 thousandths!

So I whoop out the Dremel tool kit and thinking better than carving on 15 factory magazines---commence to grind on the stock and fixing this former sticky situation for good.

I don't have this problem with my wood stocks for the 10/22's, and some day somebody else is gonna have this problem. I always assumed the factory Ruger magazines measured the same front to back and were square. Not so even though they physically look and feel like it.