I Need More $$$

I Need More $$$

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Thread: I Need More $$$

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    Looks like a really nice fully engraved Colt Slide & barrel combo for sale on Ebay.
    I kinda wish the seller would have posted larger (more detailed) pics.
    The photos are not really large enough to judge the qualitly of the engraving but, it (the pattern) looks nicely laid out.
    Too bad the Reserve is set at $600.00
    Meanwhile...it's probably worth it since it features a solid gold inset border.
    I would buy it iffen I had 600 smacks sitting around that was serving no useful purpose.

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    Ouch 600 Smackers

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    Hmmm - while I did for coupla years much enjoy looking at my Commem' 1911 - have to say - not able to consider such expenditure on ''prettiness''.

    Don't get me wrong - I admire to the max the skills of engavers - love it but - not needed for me. Bit like appreciating next door's garden and all the pretty flowers. Me? Can't be bothered - as long as my yard is tidy and works

    I can think of good ways to use $600 QK - and it wouldn't be that slide/barrel combo. But then anyways compared to many folks here - I am almost a 1911 Philistine LOL!!
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    I wonder what happened to the rest of the gun? There are plenty of comm .45's at americaremebers.com, they sell for 1695.00 and up.

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    I think I'm siding with P95 (again) on this one. While I can appreciate the work (believe me, I can- up until recently I was the squadron Plaque Officer, I had the joy of engraving every plaque for our squadron), on a pistol, I just don't see the point. I think it was Musashi (yes, I'm pretty sure that's spelt wrong) who said weapons should be functional. But it still is pretty.

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    I wouldn't buy something I'd be afraid to use for fear of scratching it. If I want something to hang on the wall - there are cheaper decorations. :)

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