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Bullet holes in the ceiling!!!!

This is a discussion on Bullet holes in the ceiling!!!! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by HotGuns Anytime. If you shoot a hole in the roof though...you'll be banned for life...after you are severely beaten. I haven't 'accomplished' ...

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Thread: Bullet holes in the ceiling!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post

    If you shoot a hole in the roof though...you'll be banned for life...after you are severely beaten.
    I haven't 'accomplished' that yet so I'll comlpy with those entrance requirments. I'll be in the Dallas County/Fordyce area in the Oct./Nov. time frame to scout scrapes around my deer stands. Maybe I'll come by and sight in my rifles

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    I know that the clips that hold the targets at the range I sometimes go to are big, heavy, steel things. If you hit one you can ricochet into the ceiling. I too saw a guy take out a light fixture this way once.

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    I believe I'm thinking of the Smith model 39 -- self loader, fires flush seated HBWC .38 Spl only -- strictly a target pistol -- well, one of them must have had a soft sear, because with a full mag it went full auto.
    First shot was touching the 10-ring at 4 o'clock.
    The other shots just kept going up, and up, and up ...
    Which explains a few of what you're describing.
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    I've always wondered about this I saw a shooter do this with a 44 mag. He raises the gun over his head and as he brings it down it goes off shooting out a florescent light above him. I couldn't believe it.

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    I like to go to the range when there isn't a lot of people around. It's a lot safer.

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    I was at the Bass pro range in Springfield , Mo. I go there often. Last trip I noticed a new bullet hole in the bench in my regular lane. It wasn't there last time. Cool thing is the range officers are watching behing a glass wall all the time. They enforce the rules too. Especially the 1 shot every two seconds rule. I wish I could do rapid fire there, but it's a no no.
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    Range near me just shut down for just such things.
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    The first time I ever went to a range (packinnova took me), there were a group of 3-5 dudes (collage age), goofing around and one of the geniuses decided that shooting the rented gun up at a 45° angle was a good idea...well needless to say a few florescent tubes exploded and came crashing down...they were promptly asked to leave by the range staff.

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    After my brother bought a house he found .22 holes in the roof. The previous owner aka idiot got at pigeons on the roof one drunk evening. Pest inspector no one spotted them until after the sale was complete. Cost my brother a good junk of profit on that house. Pigeons turned out to be a problem because an neighbor liked feeding them. So they would hang out in the hood waiting for the free meal. He stopped feeding them when it was explained to him that it would get the pigeons he liked killed. Though we did have to show him a few dead bodies, first. Shame but I won't eat a city pigeon aka winged rats

    As to ranges ya all gave me one more reason to stay away from them
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    I have been to 3 ranges in Memphis, 1 in Nashville, 1 in Dallas TX, 1 in Ft Lauderdale and 1 in Indinia. ALL of them have had shots in the celing, mech equipment, floors and even the side walls......
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    This is way to typical, and happens to often. Spookie isn't it?
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