Gun Cleaning Tips

Gun Cleaning Tips

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Thread: Gun Cleaning Tips

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    Gun Cleaning Tips

    Everyone does things just a bit different. One thing we can all agree on is that our guns are our tools and to be efficient they must be cleaned. I wanted to start this thread to get a glimpse into how other clean their firearms. I'm sure we can all gain some knowledge and maybe learn a new technique to try from this.

    S&W 5906
    I personally use the following supplies; A brass brush, a gunsmiths brush [also known as a tornado brush], patches, q tips, hoppes brush, hoppes no 9 or benchrest, hoppes oil, and gumout carb cleaner.

    I begin by breaking the weapon down in the standard field striping procedure. I'll then do a pre cleaning wipe down to get all the oil and goo residue off the weapon. Then I start with the barrel. I will soak a patch in no 9 and run it through the barrel one way. Then I take another patch soaked in no 9 and clean the outside of the barrel. After this I run dry patches through the barrel until clean. I will then soak my brass brush in no 9 and then run that through the barrel. I will set that aside to wait.

    Then I move to the slide. I usually spray this down on the underside with carb cleaner. I do this for two reasons. Being stainless it will not damage the finish [I'm not sure of the results on blued or don't try it!] and the carb cleaner is a wonderful solvent with a jet-like spray that reaches into hard to get to spots with ease. After that I use a brush [hoppes makes a two sided gun brush that works good] and patches to remove any powder residue left over. After a wipe down of the outside with a clean patch I set that aside.

    Now it's back to the barrel. I usually run a dry patch through the barrel and it never fails - I'm amazed of the crap that the brass brush in hoppes will bring out. It looks as though it's never been cleaned before! I usually do the traditional wet patch, dry patch routine until they are clean as a whisle....hold the barrel up to the light - BEAUTIFUL!

    I then move onto the rest of the gun. There isn't much to it. I scrub all the powder residue off any remaining parts with no 9 solvent and a patch and then set them aside.

    Now it's time for oiling. I usually but a drop of oil in the barrel groove on the slide, and along the slide rails itself. I also oil any surface that shows wear in hopes of slowing that wear down! A drop into a cocked hammer, and on the trigger spring. Now I put her together, wash my hands, give her one more wipe down - then lock and load.

    How do ya'll do it?
    S&W 5906
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    Put a couple of hundred rounds thru my S&W 329PD a few days ago, got home, Brushed out the bore, cylinder, wiped the inside of the frame, shot of TW235B to the friction point on the front of the cylinder, and reloaded the gun, and back on the hip.

    Total time 5 or 6 minutes. Is it beautiful? No. does it work? You better believe it!!!
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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