Want To Learn Gunsmithing

Want To Learn Gunsmithing

This is a discussion on Want To Learn Gunsmithing within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Being that I am still relatively young I am interested in learning about and possibly becoming a certified gunsmith. Does anybody here know where is ...

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Thread: Want To Learn Gunsmithing

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    Want To Learn Gunsmithing

    Being that I am still relatively young I am interested in learning about and possibly becoming a certified gunsmith.

    Does anybody here know where is best to learn this craft? Are there schools for this. I am aware that like all other crafts and trades learning HOW it works is very different from doing it well through experience. I'm just looking for a place to start.


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    I was a member of AGA for several years. They put out a good publication monthly, with tips, tricks, illustrations, schematics, etc....... You also get just about any supplier of gun parts catalogues and discounts on purchases. Membership is not that expensive for what you get and the resources.
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    Other than that, owning several different firearms and brands-and subsequently working on them yourself to cure issues or make good modifications helps. Proper cleaning, disassembly, and function checks can be informative and found in various forums with other's input, or specific tutorial DVD's and such or sometimes the factory manual is sufficient for basic items. Although I'd never consider myself a self-made gunsmith, I can do anything required on any of my firearms with confidence and the back-up of parts distributors I've amassed over time. I can do anything to an AR-15, Ruger 10/22, Glock, Remington 700, AK 47, 1911, etc...short of major things like re-barreling rifles and such as I'm not a machine shop and my tools are small but specific in their purpose and been amassed as needed over the same period of time. Trial, error (hopefully minimal), and confidence. I gained alot of confidence working/modifying my first 1911 pistol actually--and I recommend that to anyone. Other than that, a job at a pawn shop or gun shop would be beneficial and if you could apprentice with an actual gunsmith would be nice. One seldom hears about trades like this and many are passed through generations or in family. One must look hard to find the opportunity. Me? I'd really like to be a crane operator and to be proficient outside of formal schooling one needs experience on the job. There lies the rub--how to gain that experience-- but don't let anything deter you from what you really want. Where there's a will, there's a way-I'm almost sure.

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    They have a very reputable school in Pittsburgh PA. Another is out West (Colorado?). Just google it.
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    My son was looking into the one in Colorado. I believe it is pretty good.
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    Get a good background im machining techniques.
    I dont mean CNC stuff, I mean manual machines, lathe,mill,drill press, grinders and all of the tools that go with it.

    There are many gunsmiths but they are limited as to what they do. Some are no more than parts changers, others can do custom work and others can build from scratch, make an action, chamber a barrel, fabricate a trigger group and make any part of a gun, including springs.

    It just depends on how far you want to take it.
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    HotGuns has really good advice. The schools (most of them are excellent) cost about what a Nursing degree will cost, and don't offer the security and benefits though... As long as you're single, it wouldn't be bad. Generally, you can take a class section, here and there for not too much, and you might be able to get part time work with a local smith, if they're hiring.

    Be warned: professionally, most of your work will be fixing someone else's bugger-up. Boring and painful. Did I mention painful? Bubba Gump will drop off his 1895 rebarreled Mauser (of course he won't know exactly which 6-8mm round it uses, 'cause he got it at a show, and the guy who put the barrel on didn't stamp it) wanting you to improve the stock/action fit. The stock will be something like a nice Bell & Carlson Limited birdseye maple that someone used a 1/4" chisel to do the inletting.... Bubba will call you every 3 days to see how it's going, and to make sure you're going to make it right for $50 or less... sigh.

    Anyhow, buy guns, take them apart. Take machining classes. It's a fun hobby.

    I didn't look the link over carefully, it may deadend, but: Tennessee - Gunsmithing Technical Schools and Colleges

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    I just finished a correspondence course with Penn Foster. I'm hoping it gets my foot in the door and I can apprentice under a pro for a few winters. You'll definately want to do that too. There's too much to know to read up on then do yourself. I know a little basic machining and I'm sure knowing that stuff will help you (/us ;) ).

    And yeah, there is a school in Colorado. Ain't never been there, they tell me it's nice.

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