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Thread: Number of Magazines

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    2 for the glock 19 and two for the ak47

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    I had 6 for my XD40 (now sold) and only have 2 for my XD-M so far (plan on many more). I also have 4 for my XD45, 2 for my CZ75B, 3 for my PM9, 3 for my XD9SC and 3 for my Ruger Mark III.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chooie View Post
    Don't lie JD - you'd need a LARGE backpack.

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    I have at least 4 for each of my pistols. 10 each for my AR's and AK's. One can never have enough magazines :)


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    At least a dozen for every magazine fed weapon I have.
    Les Baer 45
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    May 2006
    Panhandle of Texas
    12 HK 12rnd 45
    7 HK 10rnd 45
    20 Glock 13rnd 45 (getting 10 more)
    2 Glock 10rnd 45
    20 Glock 17rnd 9mm (will add 3 more next week)
    4 Glock 15rnd 9mm
    9 AK (ordering 10 more this weekend)
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    How many magazines? Don't ask, don't tell :-- Ah, Concealed Carry Magazine and uh, oh those---- 2 for my .40 and 4 for my .380 and 3 for my 22 LR.

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    A closet full

    The mags are the weak link for any semi auto. I have a minimum of 10 for any of the handguns, more for the ones I actually carry. Lots of rifle magazines for AR, AK, Uzi, etc. Can't have too many and it will probably end up being an investment in the future. I have a small stock of spare parts, springs, firing pins and such at the shop, and I keep a "survival kit" for the Glocks my wife and I own.

    As for CCW, I usually carry a spare magazine for the primary and a BUG with no spares. If I'm carrying a revolver then a speedloader and possibly a speed strip or a pair of moon clips.

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    I have about 12 for my 1911s between the 8 and 10 rounders
    a dozen or so mags for the AR15
    6 or 8 for my 308 AR
    6 20 round AR mags for my Carbon 15 AR pistol
    4 for my XD
    4 each for the G19 and G26
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    4 for my CZ P-06, 2-12 round, 2-10 round. They also fit my RAMI 40 cal (back up gun), I have 2-8 round mags for it.

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    I have 16 full cap mags for my Glock 34; 4 for the 35; 4 for the 19 and 4 for the 26. My next purchase will be 10 more for the 19 as that is my carry gun. (I got the 34 mags first as i am going to a couple of IDPA state championships in a couple of months.) After the 10 more for the 19 I'll probably get a few more for the 35.

    I also have about 20 30-round magazines for the AR and a couple of 20 rounders.

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    Mar 2007
    North Carolina
    CZ75: 6
    Savage 64: 9
    M1 carbine: 4 15rnd 1 30rnd
    Thompson 1
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    I'm jealous of some of you.
    I have 3 15 rnd and 2 10 rnd for my G19. And betwen 3-6 mags for each of my other guns. I guess I better start saving for more of those now. It would help if I finished school and started getting a normal salary instead of a teaching assistant salary
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    OK....I loaded up before the '94 ban

    Double stack 1911...............20
    Glock 19..............................25 & 6 G17 mags
    Glock 20..............................15
    Ar-15s.................................100 30 rounders & 20 20 rounders
    AKs.....................................50 30rounders, 3 75 round drums, 4 100 round drums
    M1 carbines........................12 15 rounders, 30 30 rounders

    And I am going to add a few more if Hussein is elected.

    Glad you didn't ask about ammo on hand....I can't count that high

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    Miami-Dade, FL
    Five for my primary FNP-9
    7 for my Taurus PT-92
    6 speedloaders for my S&W 65
    12 AK magazines
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