Sig~Sauer Slide Question

Sig~Sauer Slide Question

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Thread: Sig~Sauer Slide Question

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    Question Sig~Sauer Slide Question

    I just bought a new threaded barrel in .357 sig for my 229. The pistol originally came in .40 cal.
    I know I can still use the same slide and magazine for the 357 sig rounds.
    But it got me wondering.
    If I bought a 9mm barrel, magazine and slide.
    Could I shoot 9mm out of it also?
    The 9mm Sig 229 frame looks identical and I think has all teh same measurements.

    Anyone know?

    A few years back on I read that a member did the same thing with his Glock 23.
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    If someone makes a barrel with the same OD measurements as the 40/357, yeah, it would probably work. You might need a lighter recoil spring too.
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    All you really need is a Barsto 9mm barrel. The slide is the same. The same mag will work but not always 100%. I'm thinking a lighter recoil spring would help. The barrel is a drop in.
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    I have a 9mm BarSto barrel for my P229/.40...I've used a few times at the range. The tolerances are very tight--so tight that if the barrel is not lubed, the gun will lock up after a mag or two. After it cooled, I added some gun oil and shot another 500 rounds without a problem.

    9mm barrel in a .40 S&W P229 = something to do on the range, not something to bet your life on--unless you have absolutely nothing else available. Almost better than a sharpened stick.

    I did not change out any recoil springs or mags....just switched out the barrel. No FTF,FTE
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    I believe the 40 S&W and 357sig mag is compatible to shoot 9mm you need to get a 9mm magazine to feed reliably
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