Hi folks,

I found a King's #206 grip safety.

I couldn't find it on the 'net (they seem to jump from #205, a drop in, to #207, and Ed Brown cut, now) so I figured it may be a discontinued part. The price was right so I decided to buy it and not use it, in case someone, sometime, someplace had an old gun that could take it.

That brings me to my question: What cut is this? It doesn't look like a straight up .250 or even .220 - it looks more like a compound cut like a Wilson's, but I don't believe it's a Wilson's cut either.

It's just an interesting "relic" to me that I'll never install on anything.

Just out of curiosity though, anyone know the cut on this thing? Both the safety and the package look pretty dang old, and it doesn't specify the cut anywhere.


Josh <><