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This is a discussion on Cop Sues Glock within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Clearly the child should have aimed a little higher. Gonna be even funnier if the story comes out that he was reaching behind to get ...

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Thread: Cop Sues Glock

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    Clearly the child should have aimed a little higher.

    Gonna be even funnier if the story comes out that he was reaching behind to get the gun himself and pulled the trigger. What better scapegoat than a 3 y/o?

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    does anyone know how many times glock has been sued?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
    I actually feel sorry for this guy.
    Understand the sentiment but I don't feel sorry for him. He is lucky that he did not get his child killed. Yes might have been a monetary lapse a fraction of a second that destroyed his life. I get it we have all made mistakes that could have had tragic consequences, or at least I have. But the lawsuit leads me to believe in this guys case it is a pattern of behaviour. A lifetime of sloppiness and lack of accountability that finally caught up to him. When this happened I may have sent in a few bucks out of respect that he was a LEO if there was a foundation or something set up for him. Now I hope that he not only loses but gets slammed with court costs and damages for slandering Glocks name so sever that there is a Glock agent on the street corner standing over his shoulder to take half of every dime he begs for along with half of every pension disability check he ever gets. And that he lose custody of his child
    And I am not even a Glock fan, if you gave me one I'd trade it in.
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    On my job, he would be found guilty of "Failure to Safeguard", receive a rather long suspension and possibly be terminated. Most likely, permitted to retire with a disability pension. go figure...

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    I would argue that a weapon is defective if you pull the trigger and it does not fire.
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    We need to change those stupid warning signs that hang on cars from:

    "Child on Board"

    "Child with Glock on Board"

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    Glock need to return the favor and sue him for slander and defaming the good name of Glock..

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    Geeze, just goes to show that not even my brothers/sisters in blue are all mentally right. Just dont understand why people cannot accept responsiblilty for their own actions and have to find an excuse to blame someone else. Notice he didnt sue his department for issuing him the "defective" weapon? Oh well, he'll end up loosing but still its an embarasement.
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    Good Idea Sig... Sue the dept. too!

    Shhhhh.... He may end up doing that after he loses against Glock!
    Semper Fi

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