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Portland: Men look at gun, it goes off

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Thread: Portland: Men look at gun, it goes off

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    Idiot reporters use the same verbiage with mean old SUV's. I'm seeing more and more headlines that "a red SUV ran over a woman..." or "the SUV just flipped and rolled 3 times..." Of course, the operator never has anything to with the situation.
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    Aside from the "it went off" comments, seems to like two thugs with little if any safety instruction chambered a round, removed mag and pulled trigger.

    Or, removed mag, pulled trigger and realized that the weapon actually is deadly.

    Sounds and looks like a couple of thugs that don't know horse poor from shinola about the weapon system.
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    I'll bet that the two intelligence-challenged individuals were "looking at", as in "handling" the gun, when it went off....

    Of course, to the anti-gun bunch, it makes perfect sense that an evil, deadly, treacherous device like a gun can be induced to go off by simply looking at it
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    I suppose it would depend on that they were smoking before it went off. "duh, man I didnt touch it, wow, kewl I didnt touch it either."
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    It was probably one of the more dangerous models, you know, the ones with a shroud.
    Yes, those evil guns have a reputation for doing that, especially the SBRs (scary black rifles).
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    I guess their mothers never taught them to look with their eyes and not with their fingers....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fjolnirsson View Post
    Fixed it for ya. The rest of us are quite fond of our guns. And we have some of the best concealed carry laws (or lack thereof) in the country, save for the stupid refusal to recognize most out of state permits.
    Most? I thought Oregon doesn't accept any unless something has changed. As a Washingtonian I can get an Oregon permit since I'm on a bordering State but my WA CPL is no good there.

    And I am totally in shock, fine upstanding young citizens that these guys are. I love this:

    Fairley was charged with several drug charges, Reckless Endangering, Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, and Parole Violation. Brazelton was cited for Possession of a Controlled Substance.
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