To lazy to CCW at home, then you need this!

To lazy to CCW at home, then you need this!

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Thread: To lazy to CCW at home, then you need this!

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    To lazy to CCW at home, then you need this!

    Homemade sentry gun (with paintball, although I think the same guy also did it with a P90 airsoft.

    Sentry Gun: Some Guy Went and Built a Sentry Gun

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    I can see a use for that in my backyard, at night. The neighborhood cat and coons that enjoy my trash wouldn't take all that well to it I think........
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    That was SO COOL!
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    Interesting. IIRC I've seen some security cameras that track movement automatically, they are pretty pricey (1K+). I wonder if he used the same tech, but added a paintball gun along with the video camera?
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    Great Idea

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    Nocturnal anti-critter sentry. Very nice. Of course, hit a skunk and you're not going to head out onto the back porch for a month.
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    That's too cool! I want one.


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    I hope this guy will market this........way cool. Be rough on the dogs around the farm........
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    I use to play paintball a lot. Not only was the video cool for the sentry he built, but it was damn hilarious watching him get rocked by that thing when he was running around and playing peek-a-boo behind that cover!
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    I see some super-duper potential here.

    Imagine loading that sucker with some OC balls and putting it out in the yard (along with a few zillion "no trespassing" signs).

    Oh, the humanity.

    Oh, feline-anity ! ! :)

    Oh, the 'coon-anity!

    Oh, the 'possum-anity!
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    I wonder if he'll take orders
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    Very good idea. He better get a patent on it!!! I wonder what he used for a motor i know someone that did this with a power window motor but this is way more responsive.

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    Very ingenious!

    I have actually got into arguments with anti's who want an out right ban on guns tell me I'm crazy when I say, "people will just make their own guns" if it got that bad. They actually think people can't just go out and home build a gun! That's how "out there" some of them really are!

    They would have a stroke if they ever saw that video!
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