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This is a discussion on All the Guns You Should Own... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm not big on shotguns, or rifles, but I personally don't think you can have only one CCW... I'm up to 3 carry options right ...

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Thread: All the Guns You Should Own...

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    I'm not big on shotguns, or rifles, but I personally don't think you can have only one CCW... I'm up to 3 carry options right now... Glock 19, 23c and 26.
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    The only thing I'm missing is the longer range rifle. I have three 9mm glocks, an M4gery, and a Benelli M4 for the shotgun. i also have a decent, but not great amount of ammo and magazines for those that need them. I'm working on getting more mags for the handguns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    You guys talking if the SHTF scenario and holding out in your fortress, or carrying all of that stuff and bugging out?
    Defending the fortification list:
    .308 heavy-bolt action
    22-250 heavy-bolt action
    Catching the zombies before I see the whites of their eyes and to disrupt their morale
    For those who get close enough for me to see the whites of their eyes and are lucky enough to pass the first wave
    Bugging out list:
    G17, G19, G27
    10/22 lightweight
    Anything I have to leave behind in firearms or ammo will be destroyed upon exit.
    Destroyed? Why not just hide or bury it? You might just have to return.
    Out of curiousty, what would cause you to bug out, and where might you go? How far would you have to go? What about grid lock?


    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I'm at a loss why a BMG is necessary... sure they are fun and all that; but most people can't see far enough in any direction let alone be able to shoot anything with one.

    I would feel that a good old fashioned 22LR is far more important that a BMG in any collection.
    I agree.

    One thing about Defensive Carry Forum is that .22 receives very little play here.

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    @ Wits' End
    S&W M&P 9c
    Savage .22LR
    Rem 1200 12 ga pump
    Marlin 30-30
    CZ P-01 (9mm)

    I've got a long way to go to have all that.

    Then, how to carry it, and ammo, and get off the island without drowning...

    (Noah, how long can you tread water?)
    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliott

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
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    I feel a good carry pistol (Glock in 9mm or .40 ... something with easy access to ammunition) and a shutgun will do, maybe a revolver as a backup. I am a big fan of limiting the selection and learn how to use what you have very well.
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    For me,
    .357 Mag (Ruger Blackhawk)
    9mm (G19)
    .40 (XD) with 9 mm conversion barrel
    .380 (Keltec) for pocket carry
    Air Rifle

    Still missing .22 rifle and .22 pistol -on the want list, but not on the wifes permission list.
    "Gun Free Zones" is where only criminals carry guns.

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    add a revolver in 357 or 44Mag, and a double barrel shotgun to the attached picture and you've got my choices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMan View Post
    Still missing .22 rifle and .22 pistol -on the want list, but not on the wifes permission list.
    You have much to learn grasshopper, much to learn.
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    In order to be truly prepared for just about everything, what firearms should one have?
    Most people are thinking tottaly wrong here. When things get ugly...
    For TEOTWAWKI you need a suppressed rifle with a night/day vision scope.

    With a quiet rifle and a good scope...anything you need can be easily taken.

    An AR or an AK for the ravaging hordes...

    a good quality pistol,

    and a decent shotgun.

    Of course, if you can talk someone into carrying the thing for you, a .50 BMG would take care of those pickup trucks that are full of no do gooders.

    that ought to about cover it...
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    I'm just going to throw what I took shooting this weekend in a bag, and grab my ammo bag!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Destroyed? Why not just hide or bury it? You might just have to return.
    Out of curiousty, what would cause you to bug out, and where might you go? How far would you have to go? What about grid lock?



    What would cause me to bug out? We are still talking SHTF right? I pretty much know the immediate vicinity and the citizenry to take an educated guess as to the supplies most of them have and they wouldn't last two days. Where are they going to look for food when the grocery stores are closed--no power, etc...... No power, no city water, no well water unless you have one of those old wishing wells that hasn't dried up. Most people I see around the nearby town daily more than likely couldn't last two days without A/C, and even less without a working phone or television. Where is one going to drive to if there is no gasoline? With no power, how will gasoline get pumped out of the ground? Maybe you think I'm cracked? You see--when I think of SHTF--it's a rather serious thought-you might be thinking that would be a worse case scenario, but I'm thinking no infrastructure or support--the National Guard or Army hoarding people to large facilities for medical support--for food and water. Those who don't go willingly will be out preying on their fellow human beings for basic necessities. I hope it never gets that bad, but I don't think anybody could honestly say it wouldn't--can you?
    Grid lock??? I'll be on foot, backpacking it--on into the wilderness, living off the land, etc..etc............. Yes--we do have wilderness down here in Arkansas, plenty of wildlife, plenty of water sources and the like. If things are that bad, I won't be returning to anything. I may just wander my way up to Alaska. Say--would my cell phone still work in "grid lock"?

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    Here's what I would say:

    Some sort of battle rifle, whatever floats your boat
    Carry pistol
    Big bore rifle, I'm partial to lever actions, bolt actions are good too
    at least one revolver
    multi-purpose shotty (maybe with different length barrels)
    .22 rifle, pistol optional but encouraged

    With that in a gun collection, you would be able to handle most situations.

    For bug out/survival, bare minimum of battle rifle, carry pistol and .22 rifle.
    Fortes Fortuna Juvat

    Former, USMC 0311, OIF/OEF vet
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    My Zombie fighting list is as follows.

    3 1911s, one for me and one for the wife and a spare.
    Two pump 12ga shotguns, a few sxs and o/u 12ga as backups.
    two 7.62 Aks
    Two SKS for backup in case an AK breaks. (All of my close family and associates have at least an SKS)
    Two .223 rilfes, an AK and a Mini-14( wish these were standardized as far as mags, but oh well can't have it all)
    A .308 bolt action with scope
    .22 revolver - 1
    Several .22 rifles
    38/357 - 3 revolvers and a lever action
    40 Cal - 1 semiauto pistol

    Several other guns in common calibers for barter or to arm others who are not yet infected if necessary. .22 and 30-30 rifles are among these because of ammo availability.

    Plenty of mags and ammo and I am adding reloading equipment for .38/357, .45, .223, and .308 now. I would perhaps need more spare parts on hand than I currently have if the zombies don't get me before something breaks.

    My theory on primary firearms is that one is none, two is one, and three might be enough.

    If I had to grab what I could carry and go, it would be the AKs and the 1911s due to the interchangability of mags and ammo, and also the .22 revolver for gathering tree rats and rabbits.

    The only reason for the .40 is because it is a common caliber and ammo may become available, but would be no good without a gun to shoot it in. For this reason I need to put a 9mm back in my collection too. I do have a .38 super that will run on 9mm in a pinch. I also need a good air rifle to hunt with quietly, because zombies are attracted to noise.

    For a real long term teotwawki scenario, if you plan on suriving long enough to use up your ammo on hand, which is statistically very unlikely according to the zombie movies I've seen, you might want to have a nice medium caliber flintlock rifle, then you can gather some scrap lead wheelweights, some charcoal and some chicken crap from the neighbor.

    Of course, none of this is much good without water and food to keep you alive long enough to use it.
    When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts & minds will follow. Semper Fi.

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    Okay heres mine
    1911 45 compact
    1911 44 magnum
    AR10 .308
    AR15 .223
    GSG5 22LR
    Glock 17
    one of my 5 12 gauges probably the new Mossy 930 w/HD and hunting barrels
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    --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC .

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