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Revolver for deer hunting

This is a discussion on Revolver for deer hunting within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I really like .44 Mag (that's what my Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter is) but you can do a lot with a .45 LC as long ...

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Thread: Revolver for deer hunting

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    I really like .44 Mag (that's what my Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter is) but you can do a lot with a .45 LC as long as its a Ruger....I've had some 360 grain WFNGCs doing 1100 fps, and they weren't even close to max loads. The surface area of the larger bullet helps cut down pressures a lot. This was in a 5.5" Blackhawk with a Bisley grip frame.


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    I'm partial to my Smith & Wesson Model 29 with 8 3/8-inch barrel and the great .44 Magnum cartridge. It's proven to work on the deer around here.

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    I've only got one deer with a handgun and that was last year. I'm a bow hunter, always have been. Never shot a deer with a rifle (ok a shotgun slug in Illinois yrs ago). I want a challenge, so last year I tried my brothers Ruger Security Six 357 magnum. Dropped a deer at 20 yards where it stood with 158 grain Fusion ammo.
    I got me a Ruger Super Redhawk 44 magnum 7.5" bbl for this year. Dont want a scope on it. I want to have to get em up close and personal just like bow hunting. This is one sweet gun and if you do research, you'll find there is no load it cant handle. Very accurate. Put ya some Pachmayr grips on that puppy and you're ready.
    I think a 357 is tipping on the edge of deer hunting. The 44 magnum fits the bill.......

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    Ruger SuperBlackhawk Hunter. Easily sets up for a scope (if desirered, comes with rings). Can handle any .44 load.
    I took 2 does last year, one at 35yds, one at 42 open sights. Find a good load you shoot well, it'll do its part.


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    OK, then. Seems most everyone says the caliber should start with a 4 and end with a 4. Most replies also suggest fairly long barrels. Guess when I hit the Jerky, Tool and Gun show tomorow, I will be looking for a long 44 mag. I don't put much stock in finding one there, most gun show prices are soooooo inflated, but I have all summer long to find what I want. Thanx to all that replied, you did me a great thing. Have a good weekend.
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    Seems most everyone says the caliber should start with a 4 and end with a 4.
    I'd put a 5 between the 4's

    With a .454 Casull you can down grade to .45LC for practice (which thanks to Cowboy action there is a lot of) and then hunt and have a pistol for bear country with .454

    .44mag will be cheaper both for the gun and ammo, either would be a good choice
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    I have a dan wesson large frame .45 with a 10 inch barrel, mounted with a 10 inch scope. It works wonders for pin-shoots, but I would love to take it hunting some time. here's a pic...

    Revolver for deer hunting-meanddan.jpg

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    How about a Magnum Research BFR in 45/70?
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