This ranks up there with duct tape - RE: Hi Cap Mags

This ranks up there with duct tape - RE: Hi Cap Mags

This is a discussion on This ranks up there with duct tape - RE: Hi Cap Mags within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I had been casually looking around for a Glock style magazine loader when I tripped over this little item. YouTube - Universal Pistol Magazine Loader ...

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Thread: This ranks up there with duct tape - RE: Hi Cap Mags

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    This ranks up there with duct tape - RE: Hi Cap Mags

    I had been casually looking around for a Glock style magazine loader when I tripped over this little item.

    YouTube - Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

    I ordered one from and do a search for "uplula"

    I ordered it on Thursday, and received it on Saturday.
    "WOW" is all I can say about it.

    My wife could only get 8 of the 13 rounds before she had to hand them off to me, now it is no problem for her to do the whole thing.

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    The upLULA is well engineered and wonderfully functional. I personally admit to having difficulty getting the 10th 45 cal round into the magazine. The "guys" at the range initially thought it made me a "girly man" but began to borrow it. Now the range store carries them. Also good for older arthritic thumbs.
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    pretty neccessary item in my range bag

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    Hot dog I want one!!!
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    I need of those myself!

    But I'm saving up for the new XD-M and one comes with the gear...

    So I'll hold off for now.

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    Yep, added to the 'want' list

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    Sounds like a great idea, but...I did find this:

    The UpLula is a universal magazine loader that will load most handgun magazines very easily; single or double column. The compact design allows it to easily stow in the range bag.
    Does not work well with Smith & Wesson 7 round single column, Glock .45 GAP double column, Glock .45 single column magazines. [/B]For proper function, there must be 8mm clearance between the feed lips...

    Won't work well with my Glock-36?
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    Where can a cowboy get one of them there do-dads?

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    I couldn't find a mag loader for my H&K P-30. Since it was new it wasn't listed on the mag loaders blister packs. I came across the Uplula on line from, I think, Cabellas for about 28 bucks, and Oh, My, what a great tool. I'm not as fast as the video, but it loads every magazine I own. Get one.

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    I have the universal pistol unit along with the AK and AR unit. Outstanding mag loaders that really work and work well.
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    does this work on SUB gun mags if so I WANT one.
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    The LULA loaders are great. For those who don't know, they also make them for AK, AR, FN, etc

    maglula Ltd. - The world's #1 magazine loaders and unloaders !
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    + 1 for it being great...... I have arthritous and its a huge plus

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