Up Coming Gun Purchases

Up Coming Gun Purchases

This is a discussion on Up Coming Gun Purchases within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Planning out my next years gun purchases and looking for recommendations. My guns are used for target practice and self defense. I would rather buy ...

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Thread: Up Coming Gun Purchases

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    Up Coming Gun Purchases

    Planning out my next years gun purchases and looking for recommendations. My guns are used for target practice and self defense. I would rather buy 2 plain quality guns then 1 fancy high end guns.

    Current Collection:
    Sig P6 9mm
    Smith 686 .357 mag
    Smith 22a .22 LR
    Airweight .38SP bodyguard

    Long barreled Rem 12 gauge pump
    Ruger 10/22
    Marlin 44 mag lever action carbine
    Moslin 91/30

    Thinking about selling off the Sig P6 for a Smith M&P 9mm and getting a short barreled 12 gauge shotgun and maybe a AR-15.

    Anyone see any holes in my collection and have recommendations should be able to spend about $1000-1500 dollars

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    Looks like a solid start to me, I'd add a 1911 and/or another full size pistol. A good shotgun is a must, I prefer the 870 and an AR would also be a welcome addition.
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    A .45 in some flavor, decent bolt action in .308 or .30-06, HD shotgun.
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    You've done a really great job and realistically have covered all bases with the eight firearms in your collection.

    I could grow old and be happy with your selections. They all can work well in their various applications in good hands.

    For one thing you have attended to your .22 rim fire needs, an important aspect of honing one's shooting skills. You have both a rifle and handgun in .22 Long Rifle.

    If it were me, I'd add a good general purpose scoped bolt action rifle of adequate chambering. If you chose to take this direction you could exchange the Mosin 91/30 for a scoped .308 bolt gun, gaining a measure of precision while retaining the same ballistic performance. Of course .30-06 could stand in for such duty. Your .44 Magnum lever action will do a great job for a short range open sighted rifle and double as home defense medicine. The AK can suffice for hi-cap rifle duties. It overlaps the Marlin a bit.

    I'm guessing the shotgun is a Model 870 and I suppose it could be "dressed" to bring it into the realm of a home defense gun with accessorizing and a short barrel. Personally I don't mind a long barreled shotgun as I see it more as a hunting gun that could be pressed into service for defense. I come from a hunting shotgun background though.

    Unless you really like the M&P over the SIG you're covered for 9mm. Either is fine.

    Ya' just can't go wrong with a Smith & Wesson Mode 686 .357 Magnum for an all around do-anything handgun. Six rounds of .357 goodness is always appropriate.

    The little Bodyguard has got you covered for pocket carry and minimal concealed carry duties.

    In handguns I really like the 1911 .45s and feel that any collection of handguns of any size at all should have one but I'm very biased. I favor the full sized models rather than any of the stubbed off 3-4 inch versions myself.

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