Firearms Storage While Travelling

Firearms Storage While Travelling

This is a discussion on Firearms Storage While Travelling within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I plan on taking several driving trips which will include visits to "jurisdictions"which have restrictive firearms laws. i.e. Canada-any weapon California-Hi-Caps N.Y.,N.J. see Canada Rather ...

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Thread: Firearms Storage While Travelling

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    Firearms Storage While Travelling

    I plan on taking several driving trips which will include visits to "jurisdictions"which have restrictive firearms laws. i.e.
    Canada-any weapon
    N.Y.,N.J. see Canada

    Rather than leaving items home I'd like to be able to store them just outside the jurisdiction and then come back to pick them up.

    Looking for suggestion as to where to store for short term. (1-2 weeks tops)
    Safety dep. box on short term rental,gun store, what else?

    Has anyone found a practical solution?

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    Firearms Storage

    I have several times gone to a gun shop in Pa. and left my gun to be cleaned then picked it up a week later.I use that week to visit my sisters in N.J. Good secure place for the gun, at about the price of storage.
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    if you can set up a place before-hand with someone you trust, that's one thing. Finding a place that will let you just walk in and store your gun with them might be difficult though. I'm not sure I would want to leave mine with someone I didn't know, anyway.
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    If you are going to Canada and it is a hunting season of some sort, you might get away with having a rifle in your vehicle. Obtain the proper license or permit and take along a good 30-30 lever action carbine. Unload it before you cross the border of course, and once you are in Canada load it up. Better than being unarmed. Just a thought.
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    No solid idea based on experience, but I wonder if you could use Google to find a retail gun store near where you need to leave the gun, and then talk to the FFL holder; see what s/he might be willing to do, for a fee of course.

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