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This is a discussion on A very delicate situation within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have had hot cases drop down my shirt on occasion. I have NEVER done "the dance" because of it. It is not that difficult ...

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Thread: A very delicate situation

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    I have had hot cases drop down my shirt on occasion. I have NEVER done "the dance" because of it.

    It is not that difficult to grab the case in a fold of your shirt and hold it away from your body for 5 seconds until it is cool enough to not burn. The shirt insulates your fingers (which won't burn that badly, if at all, from that amt of heat anyway).

    So, grab the case with the shirt, holster up & dig it out or just go back to shooting with the brass still in your shirt.

    I DID have a woman scream and turn away from the gun while waving it wildly around at everything and anything once. I just blocked her arm with mine, grabbed her GENTLY but firmly around her waist and told her she was OK, she was OK, she was OK until she calmed down. Took about 5 seconds and then I let her go. Turns out she was shooting for the first time in her life EVER (anti) and didn't realize how "scary" and loud the gun was. Not to mention the recoil (.40 Glock) and it just scared her into almost running away. Funny thing was, I was just another class member at the time and not in any type of authority position.

    The moral is that if you're there and it's an emergency, then you do what's best and safest even if you aren't the RSO.

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    Do you actually have a procedure for freeing the hot brass?

    I make it clear that they need to get the weapon secured before they react to the brass burning their skin. Make safe and holster, it takes less time to secure the weapon back in the holster than do the boo boo dance waving the gun all over the place trying to use one hand to dig for the spent shell. Thats for range work and safety issues, but it ingrains a bad habit and one that could get you killed on the streets if you made safe and reholstered in this scenario.

    My preference is for the student to stay focused on the task at hand, stay in the "bubble" of what they are doing and ignore such distractions. The act of defending yourself with a firearm should demand you ignore whats happening to you and continue to solve the problem at that moment.

    If you are going to hop around and do the dance with a piece of hot brass, whats going to happen when you get nicked or punched with a BG's round? If you don't stay focused in the fight and ignore anything that could distract you until the problem is resolved, the outcome gets worse in your favor [ and you're already in a bad situation to begin with by having to defend with a firearm ].

    Lead and copper piercing your body is a lot hotter than a piece of spent brass. It's happened on many occasions that brass has been caught/trapped on skill after being ejected from my firearms. Suck it up and carry on with the problem at hand, the hot brass is not the priority if you have a gun out and firing in SD.

    I've been cut and burned by copper and lead splash back when shooting my plates from just 4 feet. I've known I was hit and cut and continued to finish what I started. Getting the habit of stopping your SD actions for any reason until you have resolved the situation is ingraining very bad habits. Interrupting your present actions to deal with hot brass or any other distraction/injury is detrimental to your health.

    Prioritize your actions. Forethought goes a long way.

    The mind is the limiting factor


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    Thanks for the response, in the heat of things I'm pretty sure numbness/adrenaline/something would kick in an the pain would be noticed, but diminished. Afterwards the pain was definitely there. Never been in a firefight, but have been in other messy situations and that's how it worked for me. Is that common?

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    Kind of like a "rite of passage" isnt it?

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    It's been my experience that the more you're "in it" [ the heat of the moment sorta speak ] the less you notice sustained injuries until some time [ sometimes quite some time ] after the event has ended.

    The mind is the limiting factor


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    Tip her a $1 for the dance ??? LOL.

    Sounds like she kept control of the weapon and did well in the whole thing, all on her own. Direction and control of weapon is # 1 above all else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nn View Post
    Range safety officer's responsibility.
    Well he hasn't done his job so far why would I expect him to now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    ... it didn’t take very long before one of those hot casings from her gun went up and came straight down the front of her shirt.

    The question I have is what should I have done?
    Spent cases from handguns don't debilitate or cripple. They do teach, however. IMO, that's the best lesson there is, for that issue.
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