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What is a good gun Caliber to start out with?

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Thread: What is a good gun Caliber to start out with?

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    It does depend on the person for sure. The main thing is not to scare her off, so it is important to find out her recoil tolerance level, which can be affected by many things, not the least of which might be preconcieved fears.

    My wife started handgun shoooting with a .38, but only after a few years of shotgunning. I fugured if she could handle the recoil of a shotty, then a 38 would be no problem and I was right in her case. For a total newbie, I'd start them off with a .22 and then work up.

    I also second what Tubby said. Revolvers are so much simpler to work with when getting started. But, maybe I'm just old school in that way?

    Regardless, if you start too big and fear develops it can lead to flinching, blinking and other bad habits, or worse, a general dislike for shooting handguns. Every person is different, but why risk it by starting with a hand cannon?

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    If she is new to shooting have her take the NRA's First Steps program. She should think about what she wants a gun for. Is it self-defense, plinking, hunting, completive shooting, or what. How often is she going to practice, is she going to carry the gun or simply put it in a drawer somewhere and hope she never needs it? She should then try several calibers and types of guns. A 9mm is not a starter gun, it will kill you just as dead as a .45. It also has the advantage of being less expensive. If you shoot a lot and are not rich this is a consideration that needs to be thought about. The physical size of the gun and the recoil are the two biggest things when picking a gun that fits your hand but if you only intend to shoot a couple rounds once a year that won't matter as much. If you plan to carry and to shoot often a big heavy gun may not be the best choice. I had a couple potential students ask me this and they thought there would be an easy answer. I sat them down and we talked for over an hour.

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    take her out to a range with a variety of types to rent - don't go all over the place kinda pick a logical group - try a couple of revolvers and 3-4 semi autos with different operating systems: Glock, XD, Sig
    if the person is unable to put some time and cash into it a DAO revolver chambered in .357 for use with .38 and .38+P is a good way to go
    if they are willing to put in the time and cash for training and practice a Glock 19 or XD in 9mm is the way to go - 9mm offers plenty of load variety and those operating systems are easy to teach and train to

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    Quote Originally Posted by havegunjoe View Post
    She should think about what she wants a gun for. Is it self-defense, plinking, hunting, completive shooting, or what.
    Ditto. Focusing on the self-defense purpose (oh, I don't know, maybe because that's the purpose of this forum?), in my opinion the first two steps are developing safety awareness and muscle memory. The latter includes learning how to automaticaly draw the firearm, point the front sight at center mass, squeeze the trigger, be aware of your environment and move for cover as necessary, all while under pressure and in the midst of other distractions. The safety and muscle memory aspects are developed through practice practice practice, as much repetition of good form and good technique as practical. Once you got safety awareness and basic front-sight-center-mass down, then you can introduce loud noise, recoil, personal preference and other aspects of defensive shooting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty Bouquett View Post
    Truth of the matter is that a lot of women are very good with a .45 ACP, even to the point of out shooting the man of the house.

    Lima out shoots me 9 times out of 10 with darn near any pistol we own, be it .380 or .45ACP.

    Regarding the original post:

    Quote Originally Posted by XDGirl View Post
    What is a good caliber to start out with? A good friend of mine is wanting to buy her first gun this weekend. shes wanting to buy a .45. I was told when i bought my first gun that i should start of with a 9mm and work my way up. Do you think this is good advices for my friend?

    It all depends on the shooter, the .45 may not be her cup of tea, but then again it might.

    As stated, best to get her to a place where she can rent a few different guns and let her choose.

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    if you have a gun range that rents guns try there, or if you know that some one have different guns ask the person you can try them or go to a gun club and ask there.

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    A .22 is a great trainer gun and lots of fun anyway. cheap to shoot, it helps to show you your mistakes before handling recoil. A good course would help immensely , even if your friend is shooting with experienced shooters.
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