Tell us about your local gun store

Tell us about your local gun store

This is a discussion on Tell us about your local gun store within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I live in Northern Kentucky about 10 miles south of Cincinnati, and I lucky to have two gun shops with ranges within 10 miles. Marks ...

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Thread: Tell us about your local gun store

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    Tell us about your local gun store

    I live in Northern Kentucky about 10 miles south of Cincinnati, and I lucky to have two gun shops with ranges within 10 miles.
    Marks Guns is closest, only about 3 miles. A small store with a nice selection of most popular brands of guns. They have a pistol only range.
    Shooters Supply is about 7 miles away, and has a range that can handle most riffles. I can shoot my AR-15 there.
    Also in this area there is a pawn shop that sells new guns, mostly Glock and Springfield, and we have a Dicks and a Walmart.
    In Cincinnati there is a Pro Bass and a gun store called Target World. Both stores have a amazing selection of guns.
    Paris Kentucky is about 70 miles away, home of Buds Guns, another great inventory and prices.
    Lexington has a bunch of gun shops also, only been to Classic Firearms though, a nice selection of high end stuff, Wilson Combat, Ed Brown, lots of black guns and shotguns. Big archery selection also.
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    We don't have one........... so I use the internet
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    you don't want me to go there....please don't get me started.
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    Well, first I drive 30 minutes to get to the ferry landing. Then I wait 1 hour for the ferry to arrive. A short 1.5 hour boat ride to the mainland, and I'm only 30 minutes from the nearest gun store. Reverse the process to get home. 7 hours round trip, and $50 in ferry ticket.

    I don't window-shop a lot :-)

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    I frequent two 1/2 mile away, the other is 90 miles away. Both know me by name and recognize me as a good customer. I get better deals than some...I know that to be a fact.

    Never a problem with being armed, in fact, either would know what I carry and where. Both are very knowledgeable and I would trust opinions from either place. Both have done 'extra' things for me. I give both 'lots' of business.

    Good business is a two-way street.

    Say a good gun shop...stay safe!
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    There are 3 shops on one major street in a 10 mile stretch. Two are very small, don't have anything good, and are just plain worthless. The third is better, but not fantastic. This one has an indoor handgun range that is cheap and you can shoot any ammo and you can rapidfire/double tap. It does have very poor ventilation and gets extremely warm after a while. For the closeness and cost I am starting to go here more.

    The good gun shop/range in the area is leagues better than all of those. It is about a 25-30 minute drive(traffic). They stock almost every popular name brand gun you can think of. They have seperate handgun and rifle ranges, which have good ventilation and A/C, but the cost is about twice as much as the cheaper range. These guys are VERY knowledgeable and I wish they were closer of a drive.
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    Lawton, OK does not have a gun store, just pawn shops with gun dealer licenses. Closest gun store is in Duncan, OK; 35 miles away. The guy in Duncan is a rip-off and I will not buy from him.

    My guns come from the order catalog at the local Wal-Mart. Not crazy about Wal-Mart but I save a lot of money ordering through them.

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    There are three store that sell guns that I've been to here in Pensacola. One in a 'big box' type store (Academy Sports). Generally I buy ammo, cleaning supplies and the like there. I've never bought a gun from them.

    Another is a true 'gun store' they sell all manner of hand guns, rifles and shotguns. They have a wide selection, but their prices are VERY high. I suspect that this may be due in large part to the fact that they are the closest gun store to NAS Pensacola. Never bought a gun here either.

    The third in actually a 'hunting store', so of course they sell guns too. They've got a reasonable selection and are willing to order what they don't have. The staff is pretty knowledgeable although, like most stores, it depends on which staff member you talk to. I've purchased a couple guns there.

    My favorite gun store thus far is 'Gun Gallery.' Unfortunately they are located in Jacksonville, which is 6 hours away. They are a true gun store, with an on-site range. They clearly cater to the competitive shooter and the self-defense gun owner more so than the hunter (which I am not). They have a sizable rental fleet and a great in house selection. I was originally introduced to them because they are the closest stocking dealer for Noveske rifles. I ultimately bought one from them and we picked up a pistol there too. The staff is both knowledgeable and patient and willing to spend as much time as you want talking guns, and answering questions.

    I just wish they were closer to my house.


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    Buffalo Gun Center is my retailer. About 2 miles from home. They are a full service store and everything they sell as new comes with a 3 year bumper-to-bumper warranty. Even if the gun only comes with a 1 year warranty from the mfg. the Buffalo Gun Center covers it for 3 years. They are a little pricey (typically MSRP) and some of the staff could be a little uppity but I deal with one salesman who treats me with respect and answers all my questions without snide remarks. He also lets me take my time while I window shop because he knows that there is usually only 72 hours between first grope and my purchase decision. They carry tons of ammo at reasonable prices too.

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    One of the lucky ones here - we have three gun stores within just a couple of miles. We also have 4 more within about 15 miles. The closest one just relocated to a new building and it is truly beautiful. They have about 12 glass cases full of pistols and revolvers - over 2000 guns in stock and are installing an indoor shooting range. Having so many in such a small area makes them all try to be competitive - real good for us buyers.
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    MIG -- thanks for the topic and the tip. I live in Norwood and am excited to learn there's an indoor rifle range nearby. I've been shooting at Targetworld, but Shooters Supply will be great for my ARs and M203!

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    I hate just about everything about where I live, EXCEPT one of the gun stores here.

    It's owned and operated by a true gunsmith and firearm designer (the gas piston 1911 he built is phenomenal!).

    I only buy firearms from him, and I try to buy accessories there as well. If I need a part or something he doesn't have, I have him order it. It may cost me a couple bucks more than what I could find online, but I consider that money VERY well spent.

    I've been frequenting his shop for about the last 10-12 months, I guess, and I'd like to think we've developed a pretty good friendship. When I get to leave this God-forsaken city, the owner and his shop are going to be all I miss.

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    There are several shops within a few miles; a few private places and a couple of big box stores with gun departments. One has a decent range; for target stuff, but not tactical/combat skills.

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    There are a few here. The big one, and the cheapest is located in not the most safest area. They anything and everything to do with shooting, hunting, archery, etc. and they aren't a chain store. There is two attached to a range, great guys, definatly more expensive. the other, the range/store isn't as nice, but good guys. There is also another that carrys alot of WW2 and later weaponry. I cant help but flood the floor with drool when I go there.

    We got some Gander Mountains, too.

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    Great Northern Guns, about 4 miles south of where I live. From the first time I walked in there, they've treated me with great respect and courtesy. Their selection is good, prices are a little high, but I'm willing to do business with them. They're even nice enough to invite me to their open house/BBQ once a year, but I haven't been to one yet.
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