Taurus Millenium .40SW issues

Taurus Millenium .40SW issues

This is a discussion on Taurus Millenium .40SW issues within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My buddy got a Taurus Millenium sub compact in .40SW just a couple weeks ago. We have, together, put about 300 rounds through it since. ...

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Thread: Taurus Millenium .40SW issues

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    Taurus Millenium .40SW issues

    My buddy got a Taurus Millenium sub compact in .40SW just a couple weeks ago. We have, together, put about 300 rounds through it since.

    This thing is absolutely the most inaccurate gun I have ever shot. Consistently it shoots low and slightly left, but mostly low by four or five inches.

    Ok, dont say its trigger finger because it isnt. Four different people have shot this gun; myself, the owner, another gun owner and a LEO buddy and it is the same with all four people. To hit dead center target you have to aim four or five inches above center at 20 feet target distance.

    To compare, all of us shot each others guns which would be XD45acp (mine), Glock 30 .45acp (Garrett) and a Glock 17 (Stan).

    In all cases, except with the Taurus, we each put very tight groups dead center of target. The XD, of course, was a slightly better group than the Blocks

    Anyway, we know it isnt trigger. It shouldnt be sights. Sights are factory installed Heinie non-adjustables.

    We noticed the barrel does not sit dead center of the slide hole (looking at the muzzle end unloaded of course).

    What could be factors causing this much accuracy loss?
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    Just a bad sight set? Taurus has a decent warranty program(probably cause they see so many ) I would contact them first. Personally I was really disappointed in the PT140 I owned, so I traded it .
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    Had that problem when i first started shooting my PT111 pro found that i wasnt leaving a gap between the top and bottom dot in other words was snowmaning the sights then i put a gap in between and was hitting dead on now i have also read wear folks have found that sights were a little off if they had dovetail sights now, i have fired an xd9 sc very nice difference is the sights id say cause id fire the xd9 and had no problem but now i have switched to 3 dot sights on the PT111 and hits dead on as well another thing is these heinie sights are POI sights not to be sighted at 6 oclock try those options.takes a bit of getting used to the heinie sights if your used to 3 dots.if you want further insight can always try taurusarmed.net lots of info on the heinie sights there and the PT140.hope this helps.

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    Slowly getting used to the hinie sites on my PT140, had the same problem but mostly more lower hit than to the sides. None of my other guns have the hinie sites on them so i am used to standered 6oc sites. just takes some getting used to.
    Then again you might have a true issue, Any manufacure can and will put out a off sited gun.
    And Taurus will fix it

    Here is a link try taking a look at this it might be some help if not i hope you get your problem fixed
    How do I shoot the Heine sights?

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    This isnt a "getting used to it" issue for certain. No one could get used to this.

    Guess I will check some more places and see whats up.
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    I had a pt 140, getting used to the sights was a learning curve for me. Add to that the trigger is long and horrible and yea you will shoot low and left. So keep shooting it the trigger will get better. Also if its the 3rd generation you can switch the sights out.
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    Taurus Millenium issues

    I bought a used Taurus PT145 1st generation (I don't know what number owner I am)but the pistol is dead on at 20yds.
    If you really like the pistol,give Taurus a call,even the best of them have problems.

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    My PT111 3rd generation shoots just fine if I line up the sights properly and pull the trigger like I am supposed to.

    Since this is the only gun I have with Heinie sight, I did have a bit of a learning curve when I first bought the gun.

    When you say it consistantly shoots low to the left, have you put the gun into a shooting stand or jig and shot it to make sure that it is the gun? If you are able to do this and all the bullets hit the same mark or close, then the gun isn't inaccurate, it is just not hitting at the point of aim. My barrel also sits at the bottom of the frame just like yours.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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