Defensive Accuracy vs. Bench Rest Performance

This is a discussion on Defensive Accuracy vs. Bench Rest Performance within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by jeephipwr Since I am lousy with history, I think it was Wild Bill who gave the best advice on winning a gun ...

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Thread: Defensive Accuracy vs. Bench Rest Performance

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeephipwr
    Since I am lousy with history, I think it was Wild Bill who gave the best advice on winning a gun fight. It was to take your time, be accurate, but hurry.

    That would be Wyatt Earp That said that

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    Handgun Accuracy:

    I think that every defensive shooter would naturally want their personal handgun to be as accurate as possible.

    Even if it's MORE accurate than is absolutely necessary for most defensive encounters.

    I know that for me...if the SHTF & I "goof up big time" & at a critical those final seconds...while I'm "kissing the concrete" with my life juices wetting the pavement for my Angel Wings to sprout out of my back ...I'll want to know that it was ME that messed up & not some sporadic, inaccurate, firearm that did the MISSING for me! odd as that might seem...I imagine that knowing that I blew it & NOT the gun would make me feel a tiny bit better.

    That's why I hope that everybody will buy the best & most reliable & accurate carry firearm that they can afford & then learn to trust it.
    Everybody is more than worth the best handgun that they are able to own and carry.

    I'm not planning on "checking out" for a while though....but, if I ever DO get fatally popped...don't anybody swipe my AVATAR OK????

    And...I don't want anybody ta say..."The Door Probably Hit Him...Where The Good Lord Split Him."
    That door is not going to hit me on the a$$ on my way out.

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    want to see how good (bad) you are?
    an old sarge had me do this.
    If you're a righty.
    Get all set up, take aim, do the breath thing.
    now Stand on your LEFT foot only.
    See what you hit.

    Results may vary.

    Gun control is hitting what you aim at

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    Two months ago I took a friend of mine shooting, for the first time. He kept getting down on himself for not shooting small grps. I told him not to worry about that yet. Still, he thought that he was shooting poorly. I then dug through the garbage, to show him other peoples targets. That gave him real perspective.

    Amazingly enough, he shot even better after that! Go figure, eh

    I was trained as a competition shooter. As in shoot one shot the best you can, repeat. Its o.k. with me, with enough practice that shot just seems to happen effortlessly. I guess that's where that "Muscle Memory" comes in.

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