I dont know how many here read blogs at all but i suspect that most of you that do read as least some of the blogs i read . Para just sponsored a " blogger shoot " where by blog readers voted to send a few bloggers to shoot with Todd Jarrett at the home Blackwater facility . Para only required that the bloggers shoot one of a selection of their guns and more specificly in the LTC line . Para further had guns built for the shoot by adding a fiber optic front sight , adjustable rear , and crimson trace gripsm ( along with a spanky dura coat finish ) . a good review of the gun can be found at tam's blog here View From The Porch: ParaUSA LTC 9 after-action report.

For the folks who dont know , well Tam is not only the queen of snark but the first lady of the church of the 1911 . She not only has her crap together , but in neat little balls easy to pack when it comes to the 1911 . Ill say i know enough to build one from a casting given time , and i dont know as much as tam. She is truly a 5'12" lady who has most of OD's knowledge with a better profile .
My point is that Para paid for a set of bloggers ( including Tam ) to go shoot a weekend with a truly national level instructor such as Jarrett, using new in the box guns . IMHO para took a heck of a leap in faith in their product , and in the honesty of gun bloggers here . I salute Para as being the FIRST gun company to embrace the new media and stand on the quality of the product with an audience who trusts the reviewers . Folks this is not about reviews , its not about adds , its about Para having faith in what they build so as to lay it out there ONLINE with no back check . No not every pistol performed perfect . One shooter managed to get some bad failures due to manual of arms that he is used to , and he reported same .
I wont list all the bloggers , but if you hit

View From The Porch


Snowflakes in Hell - Because It'll Be a Cold Day in Hell Before We Surrender the Second Amendment

the above mentioned 3 you will find links to all of them in the posts .

Again Kudos to Para , Blackwater , and ICC ( international cartage corp who kicked in the ammo ) for the foresight and brains to get with the NEW age in information transfer . Have your opinions on 1911 format , have your opinion on blackwater , heck have your opinion on anything , but find me someone who " lays it out there " like Para , blackwater , and icc just did . Also kudos to Todd Jarrett for teaching what will arguably what will become the " benchmark " pistol weekend with such aplomb and understanding . By universal accounts he did great.