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How is Your Significant Other?

This is a discussion on How is Your Significant Other? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; my wife doesnt like the idea of guns all that much, but shes getting more and more comfortable with them. every once in a while ...

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Thread: How is Your Significant Other?

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    my wife doesnt like the idea of guns all that much, but shes getting more and more comfortable with them. every once in a while she will pick up my gun, drop the clip and double check the chamber( like i taught her to ALWAYS do ), then she will practice pointing all in all id say out of 10 ( 10 being really comfortable around guns ) id say shes a high 5 or 6. i just gotta work her into shooting now. shes more receptive to the idea especially since she was almost car jacked last week.

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    My wife and I have different views. She does not understand why we "need" so many, and does not believe in them for self defense. But our views are not so different in that she supports our daughter competing in shooting sports. Every so once and a while she teases me - like this weekend we were talking about our children needing to take hunters ed, and she asked where the classes were - then asked where she could take her cc class.

    She likes to complain that I spend to much on them, however the last have been for our daughter - and I got a good trump in that they did not cost anymore than our son's 6 week football program. Damn football is expensive. Rifles last for life, but that football program will be outgrown in 6 weeks and we will have to pay again next year.

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    Sorry forgot to mention we dated (6) yrs before we tied knot

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    I told my future mate that if it came down to her or the guns ( a situation she brought up), then there was no need to waste more time dating. Being unable to resist my masculine charms, she took to it and carries all the time, although I do occasionally have to steer her back onto the straight and narrow when it comes to some political and legal issues.
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