Trigger/Target Help?

Trigger/Target Help?

This is a discussion on Trigger/Target Help? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have gotten to where sometimes half of my bullets hit within (about) 2" of my intended target at 10 yds. The others are generally ...

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Thread: Trigger/Target Help?

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    Trigger/Target Help?

    I have gotten to where sometimes half of my bullets hit within (about) 2" of my intended target at 10 yds. The others are generally low and to the right.
    I was wondering if it is a trigger problem if you guys could point out what I am doing (or not doing).


    I don't ever think I could be a competition "type" of shooter. I shake to much for that, always have. I would like to be as good as I can be.

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    Are you right or left handed?

    Assuming you are right handed, the probability is that you are anticipating the recoil and pushing the pistol downward slightly as the trigger breaks, or excessively tightening your grip as you pull the trigger.

    Here's a chart that offers some possible explanations for different deviations of point of impact:

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    It very well could be your methods. If you try adjusting your grip and trigger finger and can't seem to get where you need to be on target, you may need to have your sights moved....being consistent is a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Dawg View Post
    I am Right handed.

    Thanks guys!!!

    That target is just what I was looking for!

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    Get a 2 pound weight and while you're watching TV hold it out as you would your pistol. Make small circles with it. This tends to help take the shakes away.

    Use the same grip on your firearm all the time. I use a tight grip for most of my shooting since this will probably be the way my body will automatically react in a SD situation.

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    Shooting low left is common for new shooters.

    I'd try giving it a little more trigger finger (just a bit), and manage the strength of your grip.

    You want about 40% of the power to come from your strong hand, and most of that to come from the middle two fingers. Using the pinky as hard as the other two fingers can cause you to shoot low.

    The other part is to hold the pistol in a 'front to back' grip with very little pressure on the sides of the stocks. You also want to be as high up on the gun as you can be without getting hit by the slide.

    This is VERY common for new shooters! Don't mess with your sights just yet, but go on Youtube and check the "How to grip a pistol" section. Watch those, and try the 3 key points that I suggested! You should be fine.

    HK Dan
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