Custom molded earplugs? Chamelion ears?

Custom molded earplugs? Chamelion ears?

This is a discussion on Custom molded earplugs? Chamelion ears? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Curious if anyone uses these - I am spending more time at the range and in search for something more comfortable - something that stops ...

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Thread: Custom molded earplugs? Chamelion ears?

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    Custom molded earplugs? Chamelion ears?

    Curious if anyone uses these - I am spending more time at the range and in search for something more comfortable - something that stops impulse noise while allowing you to hear conversations would be a big bonus. I have used Sonic Defenders and like the way they limit impulses but still allow you to hear. I have also used instamold plugs - but they are still not perfect (could be more comfortable and I can not hear range commands with them in).

    I understand electric muffs would probably work better, but I prefer plugs (around rifles more than pistols).

    Specifically curious about chameleon ear's with their sonic valve.

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    Combat Arms (Indoor/Outdoor) earplugs look interesting. Insert one way and you have regular earplugs, insert the other and you have a filtered earplug.. I think they are now in use by the Army and May soon be issued to the Marines.

    $10 - $13 bucks a pair is not too much to give them a try.

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    It's anecdotal, but I've always had more db reduction from plugs than muffs. If I have something heavy to fire, I'll sometimes double up.

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    I don't have any experience with Chameleon ears but I do have a set of custom fit acrylic earplugs that I made myself a few years ago when I was working at a hearing aid manufacture/repair shop. The custom fit is wonderful as far as comfort is concerned. Nothing pushing at the sensitive spots in your ears. dB rating is comparable to any other earplugs I've ever used, and I've used alot while playing in bands and rehearsing(drums). I've recently started using this when I go to the range, they work just fine by themselves and even better if you throw the muffs on over them.

    My only concern would be the price. I'm not sure what it would cost for something like I have since I made them myself. If there is any place in your town that does hearing aid repair or manufactures hearing aids, you may give them a call and ask about this. Also check with any audiologists in your area they may know of other options.

    Good luck. Stay safe.

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    " Great Stuff" should work great.get the minimial expanding can and have at it. custom made ear plugs. jwr

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    I don't have exp. with the product you mention, nor the 'earplugs', but I do have a pair of custom headphone sleeves from Sensaphonics. The nice thing about them is they use a soft material instead of the hard acrylic commonly used.


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