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    I am getting my very first pistol (a Springfield XD 4" Service 9MM pistol) to be exact next friday September 12th :) I have heard you have to go through a waiting period with the backround NICS FBI check before you can pickup your weapon? I have heard 7-10 days but it seems like it should be instantaneous as long as you don't have anything questionable in your backround. I have never been in trouble with the law and have only had traffic violations so I should be clear. Anyone know a first time gun buyers procedure with the NICS check?

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    Usually there's a 3 day waiting period on buying a handgun. I suppose that it's to stop someone from getting angry, going down to the gun store, buying a handgun, and killing the guy. Now, I haven't had to wait for a couple of years, since I have my blue cards (county handgun registration card), for my other handguns, along with my CCW. I bought my Glock 30 on Monday, and it went home with me, no wait at all.

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    Here in Idaho the check is instant. I doesn't matter if it's your first gun or 100th, the back ground check is the same. 10 day waiting period sounds like California not Alaska and I'm right, there is no waiting period in Alaska. See here: Brady Campaign - Waiting Periods by State
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    Here in Schenectady County NY (not NY CITY) there are 3 steps for permit holders:

    1. Buy the firearm
    2. Bring the sales slip to the County Clerk and it is entered on your permit
    3. Go pick up your purchase.


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    Here in Arkansas, it's an instant check as well, although if there are any issues it can take up to 24 hours I believe. A permit holder can purchase a gun and have it in hand right then and there and they will do the paperwork and check later.

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    Here, as in most places I've lived....haven't been to Alaska yet, but I tried too!'s a three day wait unless you already have a CWP, then it's 'instant gratification'!

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    In N.C if you have a CCW it is instant you can walk in and buy whatever you would like. If you do not have a ccw you have to get a pistol permit at the sheriff's office. That takes around 3 days to a week!
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    Here in Texas no waiting and with presentation of CHL license they don't even run a background check,you fill out the ATF form 4473 and take your gun home
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    When I bought my pistol here in Ohio I expected a waiting period also, but I walked out the door with it 20 minutes later after the phone call check on my driver's license to see if I had a criminal record. I was pleased/surprised at how painless it was.

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    in PA, the background check for buying guns and getting your LTCF is the same; it's called PICS, and it usually only takes a few minutes. if you have your LTCF, you can walk out of the store strapped; if not, you walk out with your gun in a case.

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    There is NO standardized waiting period to buy a handgun in ALL states.

    The waiting period, or lack thereof, in NV, ID, NY, AR, GA, NC, TX, OH or PA have no bearing whatsoever on Alaska.

    What does the law in Alaska have to say on the subject?

    You should inquire if the State of Alaska has subscribed to the NICS.

    ETA: I'll answer that. There is NO waiting period for gun purchases in Alaska. But you should still look it up for yourself. Call the AK Dep't of Public Safety.
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    I have heard you have to go through a waiting period with the backround NICS FBI check before you can pickup your weapon?

    There is NO waiting period with NICS. If there's any wait at all, it's with your local state statutes.

    NICS can and quite often does delay the purchase while they research the information given on the 4473 further. If there's something in your background that needs further investigating, that causes the delay.

    I call into NICS about 20 times a week on 4473 purchases. Roughly 20% get delayed and of those about about 1 in 10 get denied approval to purchase.

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