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How well do you clean your carry guns?

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  • I clean it thoroughly after shooting

    123 61.19%
  • I clean it till Q-tips come out completely clean after shooting

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Thread: How well do you clean your carry guns?

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    Old Marine Corps habit, if I only had a footlocker to sit on.

    Thanks for the flashback this morning semperfi.45

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    What if you DON'T shoot every week, month, etc? After shooting my guns get detail stripped and THOROUGHLY cleaned. In the back of my head I can hear my Drill Sergeant giving me grief about the carbon he's GOING to find with his q-tip AFTER I'm done. So I keep cleaning til the q-tips are clean. Even if I haven't shot them, though, they get stripped and cleaned quarterly. I carry two of them fairly regularly and they're the ones that inevitably have lint, dust etc that needs cleaned out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    If it goes bang, it gets cleaned...well!

    I am possibly trusting my life on my carry gun. I want it always out-of-the-box clean!
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    I clean mine everytime I put a round through it. If I don't shoot for a while I wipe it down with a light coating of EEZOX.

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    gun cleaning

    i clean it pretty good after each trip to
    the range. some times i'll clean some
    of the guns when i'm bored.
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    Glocks don't need to be cleaned do they?

    Seriously, I clean mine thoroughly after each range session. The Q-tips may not come out snow white but, the gun is very clean. I have never had a problem with one of my guns that could be attributed to it being dirty.

    I also take my carry gun and my wife's carry gun and strip them down and clean them every 3 weeks or so. Being in a holster on your hip, concealed or out in the open, the gun collects a lot of crud. Lint, grit, dust and all kinds of stuff. So I clean them to make sure that they are ready to go if the need should arise.
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    If it goes bang it gets a reward....thorough cleaning w/o q-tip. I figure we have a partnership: it takes good care of me, and I take good care of it.

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    I inspect and remove lint daily. Disassemble wipe down and oil weekly.

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    I give them a real good cleaning after every shooting session. I give them a quick clean every month if I don't get to shoot them. And I break them down completely once a year (Glocks).
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    Y'all make me feel downright neglectful. I whipe it down after shooting and detail-strip/clean it when I feel like it.


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    Come to think of it, it depends what I'm doing with the gun and also what gun is in discussion.

    If I'm shooting a my X-Five, Clean to me means 'the closest to original, unfired condition as possible'. Generally, I don't feel like I've cleaned a handgun that is this expensive if I don't have to completely oil everything afterward. Maybe someday I'll be ready to buy an Ed Brown or Wilson 1911 or some such, and they'll fall under this category, too. Grandad's anything, here too. Gotta' be sure to clean these gingerly and take your time.

    Some of my other guns are really easy to Siggy Pigs and the new XD, for example. A complete breakdown obviously isn't performed every time on ANY gun, but these might be the easiest to do that with reason to not do it often.

    The one time I don't clean is if I know I'll be shooting again in a few hours and will simply Strip n' Scrub afterward. For instance, during the season, my Mossy 935 runs dove twice daily (dawn and dusk shooting). I actually admit that I've used the gun several days in a row without cleaning (!!!!!), usually if I haven't shot much. S'ok. The Mossberg can take it.
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    All of my guns get cleaned every 3-6 months wether I shoot them are not.
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    a happy gun is a clean gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by houdini View Post
    a happy gun is a clean gun
    My gun is happy. I feed it well. But is it healthy?

    I keep my guns in good condition, but must admit, I only "clean" once every three weeks or so. I want to do better, but I just give it a wipe down after shooting. I do put a snake or patch down the barrel, but that is not a real cleaning.

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