Turkey & Rabbit: Shotgun vs .22

Turkey & Rabbit: Shotgun vs .22

This is a discussion on Turkey & Rabbit: Shotgun vs .22 within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm not looking for a both option, looking for everyone's "I would grab" option. I know there are combo options, but keeping it basic. For ...

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  • shotgun for rabbit & turkey

    30 45.45%
  • .22 for rabbit & turkey

    5 7.58%
  • shotgun for turkey & .22 for rabbit

    29 43.94%
  • shotgun for rabbit & .22 for turkey

    2 3.03%
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Thread: Turkey & Rabbit: Shotgun vs .22

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    Turkey & Rabbit: Shotgun vs .22

    I'm not looking for a both option, looking for everyone's "I would grab" option. I know there are combo options, but keeping it basic.

    For turkey, I've always assumed 12 guage, full choke (maybe modified), using 2 shot (maybe 4 or BB). Head shot.

    I'm a good shot with a 10/22 scoped, and was told a 22 LR was a good choice for turkey. Headshot.

    Lastly I have never hunted rabbits, but find them delicious.

    Wondering if there are any hunters out there, and maybe you could share your thoughts.


    Turkey & Rabbit: Shotgun vs .22

    shotgun for rabbit & turkey
    .22 for rabbit & turkey
    shotgun for turkey & .22 for rabbit
    shotgun for rabbit & .22 for turkey

    I feel good about shotgun for turkey (those things are tough) but went .22 with rabbit (I don't like spitting BBs as I eat).

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    personally, I use a shotgun for turkey and rabbits.

    Often wanted to try the .22 for turkey. never tried the .22 with rabbits (got an old bolt action savage with peep sights, that makes it real hard to pick up fast movers)

    If you've never hunted Turkey before definitely start with a 12ga., full choke ,3-31/2in. loads. I reccomend Federal's "Heavy Shot" turkey loads very highly also.
    Try the .22 after you have taken a few birds. As for the rabbits, use whatever you want to and just have fun!
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    Only shotguns for turkey are legal here and I usually whack 2 a year, sometimes 3,
    which is the limit.

    I love to eat rabbit but don't hunt them much. Not many rabbits around here left between the eagles and the coyotes,hawks and owls.
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    Most of my rabbit hunting days were with a good dog and a .22 pistol...made it a real 'sport'.

    Shotguns work, but the .22 is the challenge. OMO

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    I don't think I would even want to try hunting turkey with a .22, I respect the animal a little more than that. I'd use a shotgun for both.
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    No rimfires here for turkey unfortunately. No shot larger than No. 4 allowed in MO for turkey.

    12 Ga. Full or X-Full choke with No. 4s or 6s.

    Rabbits get 20 Ga. No. 6 or .410 in a similar shot size.

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    In my opinion, there is nothing better for rabbits than a .410 with #6 shot. Quite a few years ago I had a steady diet or fried rabbit with onion gravy...all shot with a single shot break over .410 that I inherited from my grandfather. Even though .410 is a bit pricey to shoot today, it's still among the very best for jumping rabbits. (And I do have a few other shotguns to choose from)

    Can't offer anything on turkeys.


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    Never shot a turkey, but I think I would use a shot gun, as for rabbits I've used both.
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    Hey, what can I say?

    Maybe it's because I'm just lazy. Maybe it's because I'm getter less sure-sighted every passing year.

    Regardless, I'm a shotty guy all the way, whenever possible.

    10 ga. for gobblers (No. 4's). 12 ga. for rabbits ( 2 3/4" No. 4's, 6's or 7 1/2's).
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

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    Being that a shotgun is legal and a .22 is not legal for turkey here, gotta go with shotgun for turkey and .22 for rabbit.

    That being said, if it were legal, I would consider using a .22 for turkey like with squirrel and rabbit shooting the head. With a good rifle/scope if you need it, should be just as lethal and swift as a shotgun without the extra pellets to pick out.

    I was never allowed to carry a shotgun squirrel hunting growing up, it was a .22 or you didn't go. You learn to make the shots count when you only have a little piece of lead to start with.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    In Tennessee, we can't lawfully hunt turkey with other than a shotgun or bow.

    I won't eat squirrel or rabbit, but when I go hunt them with someone that will, I'll carry a .22 if no one is opposed. I do find some to be uncomfortable.
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    Shotgun for turkey. You'd have to be an incredible shot to nail that bobbing little head with a .22 and turkeys have keen eyesight and are very wary. You'd have to be very still while waiting for your perfect shot. That's hard enough to do with a tightly choked shotgun and a good heavy turkey load shotshell.

    Rabbits I think would also be easier with a shotgun.

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    I can't think of anything more fun than rabbit hunting with a sweet little .22.

    I've killed a lot more rabbits with a shotgun, but the fun factor just isn't the same.
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    I'm thinking most places out law a rifle for turkey and rabbits are normally shot running. Exceptions exist to any normally and most places.

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    Texan in NWFlorida


    Hadn't hunted either for a long, long time.
    My next door neighbor though when I was in Mississippi took the turkey limit each year with his bow & arrow.

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