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Selling Guns

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Thread: Selling Guns

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    Selling Guns

    Hi Folks,

    I have been toying with the idea of selling a few hand guns and long guns and was wondering what the best way for me not to lose my shirt on doing this is. I reside in CT (have a pistol permit) and was wondering if I should just start visiting gun shops in CT and get their 'best' prices on what they'd offer me cash. I want this to go smoothly (and legally) and don't need the headaches of this going bad on my side, so that's why I was going to deal with a gun store rather than privately.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks, Ed

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    Find a shop that sells on consignment.
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    Selling to a gun shop wouldn't be in your best interest. You won't get near anything what they are worth. Consignment is a good idea, or post them in the forums classifieds and transfer through FFLs. You need to have a basic idea of what the worth is for each item. If you want to sell fast for cash, place classified ads in the local newspaper on Sunday. Just follow the laws for your area.

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    174 and use a FFL holder for the transfer

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    I've found that selling or trading to a gunshop is not a good idea. They will give you maybe 25-50% of what you paid for the gun, depending on condition if they want it at all. Selling on a forum like this is better, although be careful of shipping costs when factoring in your asking price. I sold a gun to a person in another state and got hosed on shipping, as I had agreed to pay shipping costs as part of the price.

    Face to face is the best bet.
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    Dealers won't pay you more than they would pay for the same gun at wholesale from their distributor.

    As an example, you have a Kimber that you bought retail, say $1000.00. A dealer can buy the same Kimber from his wholesaler for $600.00. Thus, he won't offer you more than $600.00 for the gun, regardless of what you paid for it.

    My prices are strictly for illustration, I have no idea what the wholesale/retail markup is for Kimbers.

    Remember that dealers are in business to make a profit.

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    Which town do you live in ?. Gun shops will give you low prices.

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    Can you sell out right to another individual and use a gun shop to do a transfer?
    That is how I just sold a Bersa here in Colorado. I don't know if that is a legal transaction in your state.

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    DPS: Firearms
    Private Sale of Firearms

    Pistols and Revolvers
    Federal Law states you may only buy a handgun in the state in which you reside.

    You can only buy a handgun in Connecticut, if in addition to being a resident, you have a valid Permit to carry Pistols or Revolvers, a valid Eligibility Certificate, if you are a licensed Firearms Dealer or if you are a Sworn Police Officer.

    A DPS-67-C and a DPS-3-C (4 copies) must be completed. The seller of the handgun must contact the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit at (860) 685-8400, or 1-(888) 335-8438 and obtain an authorization number for that sale. This number is to be added to both forms. The DPS-67-C is to be retained by the seller for 20 years. The seller should retain the original copy their records, give one copy to the purchaser as a receipt, submit one copy to the local police authority where the purchaser resides and submit a final copy to the Commissioner of Public Safety.

    Rifles and Shotguns
    Sales of long arms between non-licensed dealers, commonly referred to as second hand sales, require no paperwork or notification, however, it is strongly recommended that all firearms be voluntarily registered. In the event of loss or theft of firearm this will provide easy retrieval of information for insurance or police information and assure return of recovered property. (exception: sales conducted at gun shows require NICS authorization check and transfer paperwork) The only restrictions are the seller may not sell to anyone under 18 years of age, or to anyone the seller knows is prohibited from possessing firearms.

    Assault Weapons

    Section 53-202a of the Connecticut General Statutes gives the definition, and an itemized list of what weapons are considered Assault Weapons.

    Definition. (1) Any selective-fire firearm capable of fully automatic, semiautomatic or burst fire at the option of the user or any of the following specified semiautomatic firearms: List of Assault Weapons

    Who may possess Assault Weapons in Connecticut?

    Law enforcement and military personnel may possess Assault Weapons in connection with their official duties, and any person who has a Certificate of Possession issued by the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit may possess the Assault Weapon listed on their certificate.

    Can I get a Certificate of Possession for my Assault Weapon now?

    No. The only exceptions to this would be a person who has been out of state serving in the military prior to October 1994, or a person who receives an Assault Weapon through bequeath or intestate succession providing the weapon already had a certificate. In these instances, the person has 90 days to register the weapon with the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit

    I just moved into Connecticut and I possess an Assault Weapon. May I keep the weapon or if not what are my options?

    Within 90 days of moving to Connecticut, you may sell the weapon to any licensed gun dealer, or you must do one of the following;

    1) render the weapon permanently inoperable,
    2) sell it to an out of state dealer,
    3) relinquish the weapon to a law enforcement agency.

    If you choose to keep the weapon you risk felony arrest.

    I never registered my Assault Weapon, What are my options?

    You can only render it permanently inoperable, or relinquish it to a law enforcement agency.

    Can Connecticut gun dealers buy or sell Assault Weapons?

    A licensed gun dealer may purchase any Assault Weapon that has a Certificate of Possession, or any Assault weapon that has been transferred into Connecticut as part of someone’s personal belongings for less than 90 days. The dealer may then sell them to other dealers, law enforcement agencies, or out of state.

    Can Police Officers buy Assault Weapons?

    No. Police Departments can buy them and give them to their officers to use, although the individual officers cannot buy Assault Weapons.

    Gun Show
    A “Gun Show” is defined as: any event at which fifty or more firearms are offered or exhibited for sale, transfer or exchange to the public.

    All sales, transfers or exchanges taking place at a Gun Show require the seller to obtain an authorization number from the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit.

    PA 99-212 Sec. 17. (NEW) (a) For the purposes of this section, (1) "gun show" means any event (A) at which fifty or more firearms are offered or exhibited for sale, transfer or exchange to the public and (B) at which two or more persons are exhibiting one or more firearms for sale, transfer or exchange to the public; and (2) "gun show promoter" means any person who organizes, plans, promotes or operates a gun show. (b) Not later than thirty days before commencement of a gun show, the gun show promoter shall notify the chief of police or, where there is no chief of police, the warden of the borough or the first selectman of the town in which the gun show is to take place of the date, time, duration and location of the gun show. (c) No person, firm or corporation shall sell, deliver or otherwise transfer a firearm at a gun show until such person, firm or corporation has complied with the provisions of section 29-36l of the general statutes, as amended by this act.

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