Smith & Wesson ???

Smith & Wesson ???

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Thread: Smith & Wesson ???

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    Smith & Wesson ???

    If the Sigmas are as bad as everybody claims then why aren't there a lot or i've yet to see any used ones in pawn/gun shops.
    That being said I have a Sigma 9C, true the trigger was long but, my striker assembly/firing pin broke & I called S&W to have them send me one.
    They said send it back. The best TRIGGER BAR NONE. It has the old shear GLOCK sued over.
    Still never see used ones ??

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    My personal opinion is that the Sigma is basically a decent firearm.
    They sure did have some problems but, S&W will still take care of any possible you have discovered "first hand" for yourself.
    For the price they are like a best kept secret.
    What can I say?...they were never too popular and the sales were not great.
    The Sigma had the "whammy pox" put on it early on - as is what happens to some firearms sometimes for various assorted reasons.
    They are a great value and an accurate firearm and also quite reliable if all the bugs are worked out.

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    Sigmas are a fine valve for the money.Unfortunately people who never handle or own them gave this pistol bad press and then glock's suit didn't help! I still
    have mine and the only thing I don't like is the trigger but it's worth every dollar I paid for it. I was so good I bought a second one!

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    I've never owned one, yet have fired several. They are what they are! A reliable, inexpensive, servicealbe handgun for the masses. I put it in the same catagory as the old M&P/Model 10 .38spl revolver. Niether one are target guns, but will put them where they count as long as the shooter does his part. The Sigma line is very underrated! As for new handguns they are one of the best values on the market.

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    THANKS fellow forum members does anyone ever see any used ones if so how much $$$

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    The trade-in value is low. Sometimes it's better to keep them instead of taking a beating in the wallet. If it is still a good functioning pistol, then why take a loss?

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    i had to send my beloved Sigma 9VE back to S&W, because it started having issues with jamming and dropping mags while firing. when i took it to my FFL, that's all i told them. i never bothered to ask about the sights; i dinged the rear sight a few months ago, but i don't really use them, so i didn't care too much. they boxed it up, and sent it on it's merry.

    yesterday, exactly 14 days later, i got it back. they fixed all i asked for, and more. in addition to a new mag catch/release, they replaced: the recoil spring, the trigger spring, the slide release, and the slide. that's right, the whole slide. i figure, the sights were fixed, so it must have been easier to give me a whole new slide than replace the sights alone. and they threw in an extra mag, to boot. basically, aside from the frame and barrel, i got a whole new gun. for $20, to cover the shipping. S&W took care of me; they'll be hearing about it come monday.

    as for the OP, i've only ever seen one Sigma in the used section of my local shops, and they say they sell plenty of them. so either people who buy them love them like i do, or people figure they're not worth taking a loss on in a return/trade.

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    my .02... I bought one two years ago, and I tried a lot of different quality ammo, regardless it would jam / fail to extract about every 3-5 shots, the trigger was long and heavy, so I gave up on it and bought a glock 23, after 1000+ and counting, no jams, decent trigger.
    My thoughts; my life is not work risking with an “okay for the money” unreliable gun to save $200 over the glock.

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