First Real Encounter with an Anti.

First Real Encounter with an Anti.

This is a discussion on First Real Encounter with an Anti. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A friend of mine of 35 years came to visit(from California) with his new girlfriend(the last year anyway), this is the first time for me ...

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Thread: First Real Encounter with an Anti.

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    First Real Encounter with an Anti.

    A friend of mine of 35 years came to visit(from California) with his new girlfriend(the last year anyway), this is the first time for me meeting her. As we were talking I asked my friend, so what guns did you bring? as we always go shooting when he's out here. And his girlfriend flipped out! "Tell me you don't have a gun in the truck" she was really upset and kept asking him as he refused to answer, he finally told her he didn't. And she replied that "she wanted to be safe". And I commented "you'd be safer with one". "Oh no guns are not safe". I said "Well your in the wrong state!" (Idaho) We let her calm down a little bit before we started talking about guns again. Maybe I lead a sheltered life, but this was the first person that I met that was that freaked out over a gun. Tomorrow I'll find out if he really left his guns home. If so, he needs to dump her.
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    I don't think that I could have a relationship with a girl that was that freaked out by guns. Now, since I'm a staunch conservative, I doubt that I would appeal to them either. I hadn't discussed guns with my wife before we were married. When we moved back to Vegas 3 years ago, I decided that I wanted to get back into guns, not having had one for 30 years. My wife's response? She went in half on my Beretta 92FS for my birthday.

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    Hope your friend knows what he's getting into with her.

    Guess she'll have to tag along when you take your friend to the range.
    Post us a report of how that goes......if it goes at all.

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    Well, I wouldn't give up on her quite so quickly. I have read many posts on this Forum about wives who got very upset when their husbands first started to carry, including mine, but who ultimately realized they had it all wrong, and then started to make sure that their husband was carrying when they went out.

    Patience and reason can win the day, not always but often, if the relationship is important enough to give it a try.
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    if he's already lying to her about the guns, they're not going to be couple much longer. which is probably a good thing....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron View Post
    Patience and reason can win the day, not always but often, if the relationship is important enough to give it a try.
    Well said. Very well said.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jahwarrior72 View Post
    if he's already lying to her about the guns, they're not going to be couple much longer. which is probably a good thing....
    So true !!!
    One of the reason we've been together for 36+ years is that we have NEVER lied to each other. But, it's easy because we don't give each other hard time; we don't ask "Why did you buy another Glock?" or "How much did you pay that Ralph Lauren shirt?".
    It's a question of trusting each other.
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    Your lucky, if this is your first anti you've met.

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    This reminds me that I was carrying openly one night and in the back of a friend's jeep riding around with a couple of girls, both to our right (strong) sides. Something got mentioned about my gun and the girl beside me looked down and noticed my .45 and started screaming 'get it away' and 'throw it out the window'.
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    Educate her it helps if you can take another female along to go shooting if possible use targets that move when hit and the faster the better. I can’t remember a single anti gun person that I took to the range that didn’t change their mind about guns after shooting one.

    At Front Sight they take anti gun reporters that want to do a story and tell them they will answer any questions they have but first they have to take the machinegun course. It puts a smile on their face every time.

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    I would take her to the range with anothe female and have the female shoot some and show her.
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    Here is a line I read today that I think may make her think....If she can look at it without emotion (which is how anti's think, so it could be a hard sell....):

    I would rather have a medical examiner remove bullets from a dead bad guy, than to have a forensic investigator remove bodily fluids from a rape victim.
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    She just needs to be educated. If she continues the anti-2A beliefs then tell him to dump her.

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    haha unfortunately I know plenty of antis
    my girlfriend just happens to not be one of them
    we were watching a movie the other day and when one guy opened up with an MP5, she asked if I would take her shooting some day :)

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    I don't know if I dump her. I think a converted anti would be a good cause for us. Kinda look at it as a former smoker would. I know some people who used to smoke and quit. They are some of the vociferous defenders of clear air out there. Apologies to any of you smokers out there, just trying to make a point.

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