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Help me pick a Rifle/Shotgun for myself...

This is a discussion on Help me pick a Rifle/Shotgun for myself... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Going to pick up my Doublestar AR-15 this morning from the builder... two hours away! I can't wait to get my hands on it....

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Thread: Help me pick a Rifle/Shotgun for myself...

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    Going to pick up my Doublestar AR-15 this morning from the builder... two hours away! I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mchaley View Post

    If you want range time, side of defense, and possibly shooting a deer... the shotguns are out.
    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post

    A good smooth boreis the most versatle gun you can buy. It will take any game in N. America large to small and defend very nicely at the same time.
    The OP is looking for a "multi" purpose gun. What could be more multi purpose than a shotgun? Thousands of deer are harvested every year with a shotgun. It is an excellent deer gun. Sabot slugs can be accurate out to 150+ yards.

    Alot of people say that the shotgun is the best HD firearm. How many home invasion BG's do you think could survive a blast from a 12ga with buckshot at point blank range?

    For range time usage, the shotgun is the most versatile. Slug barrel for deer hunting. Smooth bore for HD, bird hunting, trap, skeet and sporting clays. What more range uses are there?

    If you want to shoot paper targets and occasionally hunt coyotes or prairie dogs, the AR-15 223 Rem is hard to beat. I have an AR and its definitely not my first choice for HD. Single bullets must be placed accurately to be effective. In a SHTF scenario, I want all the lead I can throw at one time.

    My vote is the Remington 1100 3" magnum and have 2 barrels. One rifled slug barrel and 1 smooth bore 28" with remchokes. Bird shot and buckshot can be fired through a rifled barrel without issue for HD.

    My HD shotgun is a Remington 1100SP 3" Mag with a rifled barrel, its also my deer gun. Yes, its only 5 shots but how many do you need? I load mine with slugs and 00 buck for HD. Sabot slugs for deer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foo909 View Post
    Thanks so far, it seems you all have different opinions as well. I've shot all of these but Saiga.

    The intended role would be mostly range time with a side of defense. I may also try and take a deer or two this year.
    My vote would be the .12 ga. With a rifled barrell you can purchase, and shoot a wide varity of sabot slugs out to 150 yds. (range). Slap a scope on it! You could put on the short barrell for home defense, or a longer smoth bore barrell for hunting squirrel, ducks, deer, or any other game you might choose. The .12 ga. is probably, IMHO, the best do it all gun around. It's only short comming is in it's concealibility!

    Y'all be safe now, ya hear!

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    I would go with a pump shotgun, and a Leveraction rifle. If you looked around like in Big 5 you should be able to find a Mossberg 12 Ga pump and a Marlin Leveraction in 30-30, 357MAG, or 44MAG. The cost for the 2 firearms together can be had for less then $900.00. You would then have firearms that could be used for various types of range work, home defence, plus hunt animals from Birds to Bears.

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    I have an entire collection of the Saiga shotguns the 410 adn the 12 are stock and used for hunting purposes only. the 20 has been modified and used for defensive only. If hunting is one main concern a good option if you don't like the magazine issue and want to stay mainstream is the remington SPR453 in 12 ga. It is capable of handling 2 3/4 through 3 1/2 magnum loads and an adjustable gas system. Love mine and with duck season just days away it will be taking the saigas place in the field.
    As has been discussed previously the saiga is a good option if it peaks your interest as it will be difficult to get in another couple of months. Also the 20 round drums are shipping and that is just far too cool in a 12ga.

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    That DPMS will be hard to beat... good luck on your quest.
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    Well here it is kids! I put the lower receiver together this morning:


    DS Flat Top Upper
    DS Picatinny Gas Block
    16” 1x9 Crowned Chrome-Moly Match Barrel
    YHM 2 Piece Rail Hand Guard
    6-Position DS-4 Butt stock
    Hogue Rubber Over Molded Pistol Grip
    DS Two Stage Trigger
    DS MilSpec Lower
    Burris Fast Fire Red Dot Reflex Sight

    I'll probably get a sling for it soon, I'm thinking I'll probably also need that red dot to come up a about an inch so if anyone knows a place to get some sort of riser block for it or can recommend a good way to mount a sling on the front let me know!

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