True...everyone has their opinion & some forum members are reading this thread for the first time & they will likely want the same right to express their personal the right that all persons (above) have already exercised.

I agree that to me the subject of "tookie" has pretty much reached "Kicked Dead Horse" status.

Poems & jokes concerning any execution are sometimes carried too far.

The pictures were fine to be posted in the manner that they were presented.
They were a valuable extension to this particular thread because one picture really is worth 1,000 words. I think they helped to illustrate just how truly rotten this guy was compared to how he was put up on a pedestal & treated as if he were some sort of martyr & hero. The contrast is STARK...and the photos illustrated that point just like in every court room in the country that is trying for a murder conviction.

I don't think that forum member education has anything to do with anything. The "News Media" made this particular person & his government demise a monumental world issue & it's not for me personally to decide when it has been talked about or commented on enough. The story is still in the daily news.

I or the moderators can't lock every thread as soon as we think a topic has been talked about enough.
That's the Liberal Left Wing Democrat way of "moving on" which I hate.

Actually, has been more than civil concerning the "bye~bye" of "tookie" when compared to the balance of the Internet/Web which was unbelievably relentless in its distastefulness.

So let me partially agree with BlueLion that if any forum member has anything newsworthy concerning this topic then feel free to post it.

Try hard not to post any more poems & no "tookie" jokes.
I'll try hard to watch my own comments & will keep mine related to the News Topic of "tookie" and any subsequent newsworthy issues that might or might not unfold.