Anything to be concerned about

Anything to be concerned about

This is a discussion on Anything to be concerned about within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A while back I put a handgun on consignment. The pistol sat in the dealer's display case for months on end and did not sell. ...

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Thread: Anything to be concerned about

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    Question Anything to be concerned about

    A while back I put a handgun on consignment. The pistol sat in the dealer's display case for months on end and did not sell. I finally pulled it off consignment.

    I went to clean the pistol when I got it home and found it had been shot while on consignment. I don't know where the pistol was or what the circumstances of its firing were. Is this something to be concerned about?

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    I'd ask the consignment dealer directly. If anyone except he himself handled the weapon, then yes, I think you have reason to be concerned.

    It's a slim chance, but if a crime was commuted with the gun, and it somehow got back to you years later, you'd hate yourself for not having investigated it in the first place.

    Call, or even better, drop by the consignment place tomorrow and ask what's up. Ask to talk to the owner if the dude at the counter won't help.

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    If you are concerned about the gun itself, probably not. As Pete mentioned if the gun was used illegally then that is another issue. Maybe someone just used it to try it before buying it. Again if you really want to know I'd ask the dealer. Is there a range there where someone could shoot the gun?
    Maybe the dealer used the gun at a range or he trusted someone enough to have them borrow it.
    Anyway good luck with your findings and let us know.

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    Well, #1. did you tell them your pistol could not be shot when you put it on consignment? #2. Did you inspect the pistol from time to time? (beings you've stated it was on display for quite some time). #3. Your dealer may not ask you questions as to whether the pistol can be fired or tried by an interested party when you list it with them. #4. This is where you would step in and make the rules or terms for the sale of your firearm. You'll need to specify how your firearm will be marketed, otherwise you pretty much leave the door opened. In your case, I don't imagine the pistol was abused in any way, just tested. #5. If your pistol has been in the "for sale shop" for any extended period, you would more than likely need to reduce your asking price to facilitate a more timely sale. Not with you or against you, but it's the nature of the path you've chose to follow.

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    My opinion...Most gun shops would allow you to fire / test a used gun...Keep the receipt / agreement both you and the consignment dealer have..(which will indicate time frame...I don't know if this is like wearing suspenders with a belt...But I would also consult the local LEO an ask for instructions from them.

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    Might even be that the gun shop fired it to make sure it worked so they were not selling a defective weapon to another customer. I might even go as far to say they sent in a fired round for ballistics check to make sure it was clean.

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