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    Quote Originally Posted by borglyn View Post
    I just happen to like ballistol better.
    How would you know? If you have not used Gunzilla? Isn't the more accurate statement that you have contempt prior to investigation? Seems the only people who do not love Gunzilla are those who have never tried it. If you have not tried it. why post a comment about something you know nothing about?
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    The CMP boys don't seem to pleased with it.

    What about it: Heres my Gunzilla report - What about it: Heres my Gunzilla report - CMP Forums
    Gunzilla Report: Part 2 with Copperzilla - Gunzilla Report: Part 2 with Copperzilla - CMP Forums
    Starts about post 18 - BreakFree CLP causes liver damage? - Page 2 - CMP Forums

    A few other post there, but Gunzilla doesn't get any love. --- Fighting for American's Gun Rights --- Fighting for Georgian's Gun Rights. --- Discussion of Georgia Gun Laws.

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    I've used Gunzilla plus lots of other CLPs; they all work OK. My favorite now is Weapons Shield. Why? It's non toxic and smells better than the rest.

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    Anyone used Safari Charlies? So far Im impressed. And it smells great/ non toxic

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    For many years I used and still use Break-free. I picked up a 16oz. bottle of Gunzilla and it seems to do the job as well. It’s lighter than Break-free and seems to dry quickly. Heck, as little as I shoot these days I’ll likely never run out of either.
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    Gunzilla Rust Prevention

    Been using EEZOX for years and have been happy with it. Read a lot about Gunzilla and decided to try it. Ordered some - prior to using, I decided to test it for rust prevention. Took 3 new 16 penny nails. Submerged one in Eezox, one in Gunzilla and did nothing to the third. Took nails out of the Eezox and Gunzilla and layed on work bench to dry till the next day. Next day, I drove the nails into a piece of 2 X 4 about 1" deep. I put the 2X 4 outside on 2 June 2011. On 4 June 2011, I sprayed down with a salt water solution. On 5 June, the untreated nail had a lot of rust on it and the Gunzilla nail was starting to rust. By the 21st of June, the untreated nail and the Gunzilla nail were both very badly rusted - could not tell the difference between them. The Eezox nail had no rust. Today is 4 July 2011 and the Eezox nail still has no sign of rust - not even on the head of the nail which I used the hammer on to drive it into the 2 X 4. It has rained several times per week for nearly the whole time that the nails have been outside.

    Gunzilla sounded good, but guess I will stay with the Eezox.

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