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Fans of Taurus?

This is a discussion on Fans of Taurus? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; So basically what we have so far is that, with the exception of Sheldon's, all bad reports about bad Taurus Guns are from people that ...

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Thread: Fans of Taurus?

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    So basically what we have so far is that, with the exception of Sheldon's, all bad reports about bad Taurus Guns are from people that have read-heard it somewhere and most of the Taurus owners are pretty happy about them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy View Post
    So basically what we have so far is that, with the exception of Sheldon's, all bad reports about bad Taurus Guns are from people that have read-heard it somewhere and most of the Taurus owners are pretty happy about them.
    That seems to be the trend everytime someone talks about Taurus

    Someone had one in the 80's and it sucked or they bought a used one made in the 80'd and it sucked or someone told them that they suck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy View Post
    So basically what we have so far is that, with the exception of Sheldon's, all bad reports about bad Taurus Guns are from people that have read-heard it somewhere and most of the Taurus owners are pretty happy about them.
    Not true in my case, I happened to manage one of the (if not the) largest gun shops/range in the midwest while in my second stint of college. I've seen and dealt with Taurus plenty to have lots of first hand knowledge of not only the guns, but the company and customer service.
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    I had no issues with 2 Taurus guns, so no experience with their customer service >>>>> UNTIL.... I bought a 617 recently which was kind of missing some parts that hold the wheel in place. The screw was there, but not the spring & plunger that has to be for it to hold it. And, again when ordering a ribber grip for it.

    I got a big run around on getting the "less than $1.00" screw ... that wasn't there. Then I got how "out of courtesy and as a favor" stuff, that really began to tick me off.... I told them "I'll pay for the screw, if you will just send it ". I ended up going to a gunsmith and got one..... and was very bothered by the poor customer service. I knew I was going to get nowhere with them .

    The ribber grip, they never sent the new screw that was required.... OK, now ... after 5 phone calls.... and getting "I don't know.. this is all the schematic shows"........ the 6th call, I finally got someone with some common sense and a little knowledge , and eventually (7-8 wks) got the screw. I asked for the guy's Supervisor, and let him know to give this guy a raise, and to go fire the other 5.

    I'm not impressed with Taurus's Customer service at all... when they can't seem to even handle "simple" issues such as these.

    During the same period I bought a Springfield .... that had all kinds of FTE issues, etc. They sent me a label via email, sent it to them, 2 weeks later it was back... and the gun works perfectly now. They were really nice to talk and deal with. Their attitude was... somethings wrong.... we're going to fix it and make it right. They said if they couldn't fix the gun right, they would provide a new one.

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    I have a .38 snubby ultralite. My wife's bedside table gun. She likes it, and that makes me like it.

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    I've had my PT1911 since February. It's eaten over 1,500 rounds with only one problem - it hates mil-spec mags. Perhaps mine will fail too, perhaps not. I could say that about any gun on the market (unless you're talking about pistols > $1000). I bet my life on it and carry it without hesitation. Extra parts? What extra parts? Spare magazines? I use Chip, Novak and Wilson Combat and can't see the need to have the Taurus stamp on the side of the magazine.

    I got lucky. Mine has Trition sights and I paid $475 for mine online from a dealer in Georgia. The local shop sells the exact same pistol for $699.

    I've heard the Customer Service Department needs lessons in customer service. I've only had to call once about a question of "what if" and was treated with total indifference. I hope I'll never have to call them for a real problem.
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    I had a mil pro 140, no problems other than the sights sucked. Went bang everytime. Mine was a first gen too. If I could have switched the sights out easily I probably would have kept it. Now the new ones are dovetailed so the sights are no longer an issue.
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    I have a 38 sp w/ 6 inch barrel and a trigger job. I picked it up about 18 years ago and I dont know what model it is. Never a problem and I can get pretty good groups. S&W grips so don't mind them.
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    I LOVE my TP145. No problems.

    My mom LOVES her Taurus 38 snubbie.

    I want a Taurus 44 with the long barrel.

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    Own 3 J-Frame Smith and Wessons (60, 640 and 642) but my Taurus 85ULBH (Bobbed Hammer) is still one of my favorites, The weight puts right in between 640 and 642. Trigger is smoother than any of the S&Ws and it is the most accurate of the snubbies. Time will tell if it is going to hold up but after 250 rounds through it , everything seems to be holding together. I'm EDCing it right now.

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    I have run 450 rounds through mine. Nothing wrong with it. It was in my price range and will be my EDC.
    Picking up my PT140 was a great choice. It shoots better than I and along with the 2 10rnd mags I picked up a .40 24/7 15rnd Mag that works 100% in it too.

    With What I have read from various forums I would rather not send it in to get fixed from the storys. I have heard a few people getting their guns back within a month. not many happy storys tho.

    Seems when somone is happy with their gun you dont hear much bad about it.
    When somone is not happy with it you will hear a bunch about it

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    I have a PT111 and a PT745 both 3rd gen Mil Pros. I haven't had problems with either weapon. The main reason I purchased the Taurus is that it fits my hands well. I have very small hands and I had problems finding a weapon that I could get a good grip on and reach the safety without adjusting my grip.

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    While I don't have a full line of Taurus the two that I do have are great pistols. I have used my PT99 in 9mm for years for hunting javelina and the PT101 in 40 as one of my large frame carry weapons. Both of them are very accurate and have given me absolutely no problems. Magazine cost are in line with any other auto I have owned. I could just be lucky but doubt it. More likely a case of a bas introduction to the gun community. You see it with lots of different gun, even the S&W ppk/s is not well recieved by some.

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