What guns do you own that have a special story behind them?

What guns do you own that have a special story behind them?

This is a discussion on What guns do you own that have a special story behind them? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Of course I don't care about selling any of my guns, but some are more "special" to me than others, and would be the very ...

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Thread: What guns do you own that have a special story behind them?

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    What guns do you own that have a special story behind them?

    Of course I don't care about selling any of my guns, but some are more "special" to me than others, and would be the very last to sale if that ever happened. The special ones are not necessarily the "sweet shooters" or the accurate one's, or reliable one's, etc. I'm thinking mostly of those that I inherited, received as a gift, historical, etc. Here's my list and the reason's why they are "special".

    Stevens 410- My Dad surprised me with this little single shot when I was 13 (1965). I hunted pretty much everything with it, especially squirrels/rabbits. I think I cleaned it twice a day whether it needed it or not. I still have it, my son used it when he was young, and I'll let my grandson use it as well.

    S&W Mod. 19, Colt 1911, Sig 220- At different times, I carried all three of these on duty. They were my trusted partners, I'd have a hard time letting them go, besides I still like to shoot them.

    High Standard Riot Gun- Made a couple of BG's, and others, nervous with it. http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...ew-member.html

    Winchester Mod 97- My grandfather used this same gun to put food on their table during the depression. Inside the stock of his, are many old duck stamps and hunting licenses rolled up, rather than take them out each season, he just added to them. My uncle wound up with the gun and old stamps, I doubt if I'll ever own my grandfathers, but I bought two for myself.

    Sig 239 SAS- Completely on her own, my wife surprised me with this fine pistol on my last birthday. http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...yesterday.html

    P-38- During WWII my father and his buddies came across a crate abandoned by departing German soldiers. The crate was full of NIB P-38's still coated with cosmoline. Of course they shared the P-38's with all their buddies. I never saw his, my father says his was stolen from him by someone on the troopship headed back to the U.S., maybe so, or maybe he lost it in a crap game. I bought a Russian capture recently, of course it's not the one he had, but like the Win Mod 97 I can still experience the gun itself.

    Spencer rifle (that we once had)- When my father was a young boy here in rural Louisiana, he went inside an old abandoned house (read shack) and on a shelf above the fireplace was an old rifle (no wood). By his description it was a Spencer. He brought it to the local trade school back in the late 1930's to have some work done on it and one day it "walked away". I've always wondered about the chain-of-possession as to exactly how that old gun found its way to the old shack. I haven't mustered up the courage to buy a Spencer to replace his......maybe one day?

    That's mine, let's hear the stories about your special guns.
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    Many of mine are special. I'll start with the oldest one.

    Iver Johnson 38 S&W, 5-round pop top style revolver, patent date of 1900: My uncle was sitting in his car at a stoplight, and a BG tried to rob him with a knife. Uncle drew the IJ38 and took the BG's pants.

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    I only have one that is pretty special to me. It is a sears brand bolt action .22 that my mom left to me. She bought it when she lived alone in NH. There was a fellow that kept coming on her land so the local PO told her to buy the rifle and shoot him in the knee if he threatened her. Not sure about his advice but the rifle reminds me of her toughness of living on her own with two small kids in woods in NH.
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    I have a colt 1911 made in 1917. My wife's uncle gave it to me about 18 years ago. He carried it in WWII thru the Pacific theater and thru Korea. Whe n got out, he wrapped in a oily cloth, put it in a can and stored it in his attic since 1954. He told me a few stories about it and the wars but did not like to talk too much. Why did he give it to me? He lived in Queens, both his boys grew up without guns. He said he knew I would appreciate it and keep it in the family as a reminder of him and what saved his life. He passed away before I got all the stories. It has some pits and little finish but it is tight and the barrel is very good. Small sights, old style frame, marked property of the united states. It still shoots OK. I had it out a few years ago and let his sons shoot it. I now know why he gave it to me.
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    Well, there's THIS one, then there's the Stevens model 56 that was my first rifle, There's the 870 I bought as the last gun I could buy in PA before moving to VA, there's the S&W 360PD that we bought as Lima's baby belly is unaccommodating towards belts and she wanted a super light carry gun that could be pocket carried, there's my Bushmaster that I bought after coming home from the Persian Gulf, that was the first gun I ever bought.

    Oh hell, they all have stories.

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    I have my mother's squirrel gun, an octagonal barrel .22 pump, my great uncle's low number Winchester 94 and his Remington 12 ga. double barrel. My favourite is a .32 ACP Unique - that's the brand name, that my uncle brought back from WW II. It was made in France, but with the Nazi proof marks showing manufacture after France fell to the Germans. I have the holster with swastika & spare magazine.

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    At least half of my guns have some sentimental value story behind them.

    First gun from grandpa, first gun from dad, first deer rifle, gun I used all during my teen years, 18th B-day gun, HS graduation gun, gun from pilot shot down in battle of Guadacanal, first gun for my daughter, the list goes on.
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    I have a patient that wanted to sell her dads and uncles guns. The uncle has passed and the father was very ill. So, I decided that I did not want to let these guns that had sentimental value to them go to some one that they did not know. I got all of them. There was an airlite .38 blue steel that was quit old. She told me that this gun she would not sell to me. She gave it to me. It was her uncles personal carry gun. She told me that she could guarantee that the gun had shot several people. He used to be a chief of a small department that did the security on the Hoover dam, and he was the first person to get his PI license in Nevada. Have you ever seen the commercial where the guy puts his hand on the car, and he goes into a flash/dream of what the car can do...well every time I hold this gun I can feel things from this gun. It is awesome.

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    All of my guns have a special story behind them. Most of them were love at first sight, and I'm the sole owner. The other few that I don't know their previous history would tell you their history started the day they met me.

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    Yep, two guns with great stories:

    Great Grandpa's Winchester model 94 30-30, been in my family 4 generations and has taken many deer. Still shoots perfectly.

    A Hi-Standard model 102 Citation (22LR target pistol). Apparently my great-aunt, when she was 80-something, was off her meds and decided to drive back "home" to Texas (from Washington). She got pulled over doing 90mph just before she got to Texas and got out of the car with the Hi-Standard in her hand. After a short scuffle with the officer, she gave up and was put on a plane back home. One way or another my uncle ended up with the pistol, but being an anti-gun liberal, he called me and asked if I wanted it.

    Pete Zaria.
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    The Uberti Colt 45 replica pictured was sponsored to be housed in my safe by an individual that lives in a gun unfriendly country. He grew up watching cowboy movies and dreamed of someday firing a pistol. During his stay he was able to fire a variety of firearms. I was happy (and proud) to make such a dream come true. It also made me realize how I take certain things for granted.

    One other special pistol was from my better half (mentioned in an older post). She purchased an XD9SC and put it in the safe with a gift tag saying it was from the XD elves.

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    Winchester Model 12: Father's bird hunting gun. Gave it to me over the summer (parents were passing on some 1976 centennial carbines to my brothers and I think it was an attempt to make things equal).

    I love the gun, but get burned skeet shooting with such a long barrel.

    Still, I love it, and I feel good that in addition to some skeet, I'm getting practice with my future turkey hunting shotgun.

    30.06 Remington: The gun I don't like using because of the history.

    Friend's grandfather died young (long ago and before friend & I were born). Friend's Uncle (not blood related) inherited (think he was hunting buddy). Friend's father inherited from Uncle. Friend's father did not feel the need to pass down the rifle to son (my friend). Not a money issue. Did not offer to son (and did not share it was being sold). Purchased by my brother. Gift from family to me on my 25th birthday.

    My friend is not a big hunter, he does not know I own the rifle, I always feel like I am using my friend's gun.

    I'm trying to get my 74 year old father to pass down his 30.06 Savage to me so I can hunt with something I feel better about.

    The rest or my guns are I want, I buy. Nothing special.

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    My Winchester 52 was the target rifle of William Saroyan. When he died, his family sold all of his weapons (63) to John McCormicks Firearms, and I ended up with the 52 and the original scope, mounted by Winchester. It shoots like a dream too!
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    All the time I was growing up I wanted a "Red Ryder" BB gun.
    My mother said "You'll shoot your eye out!" so I never ever had one.

    The God's honest truth! That is the reason that movie gets played at my house every Christmas.
    I related this to my wife, and lo and behold; Christmas morning 2 years ago, there was a long box behind the sofa.....That wonderful woman bought me my long sought gun. 50 years after my mom said "NO!"
    I have many many guns of all kinds; but that one is the most special to me and always will be!
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    my winchester model 70,

    a friends dad owned an auto shop, moved and sold it.
    i went to the new owner to get some work done on my A/C, started talking to him and he found out he worked with my dad in the 80's at a car dealership. i didnt think anything of it but he asked "you still live in dogwood?" and when i said yes he told me to come by his house and gave me his address in the neighborhood saying "ive got something of yours"
    unaware of what it might be i showed up and talked to him about hunting for a minute and he shared some public places to hunt and then pulled out my 1964 winchester model 70 .270! i asked what the deal was and he told me this story that was confirmed by my dad who now lives in branson.

    "this gun was given to your father when he graduated high school by his dad, your uncle has the same gun from when he graduated. your dad loaned this gun to me when we worked together in '84, the week you were born! your dad always told me to hold on to it and enjoy hunting with it he would get it back oneday. your dad quit his job in '87 and i havent seen him since. i figured you would like to have it since you like to hunt, and after all, it is your gun"

    my dad confirmed the story, and my cousin has the match to it that was given to my uncle. what makes this an extra special gun to me is that, i was named after my grandfather, whom i have never met as he passed away before i was born. so i feel like it is from him in a way. i hunt with it every time i go, from what i know of my grandfather he would want me to use it and enjoy it instead of it sitting up in a corner.
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