Stove Pipe Jam

Stove Pipe Jam

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Thread: Stove Pipe Jam

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    Stove Pipe Jam

    Stove Pipe Jam

    I have a Ruger 10/22 that has recently started to have a problem. Every 100 – 200 rounds I am getting a stove pipe jam (the extracted cartridge gets caught in the bolt as the rifle cycles trying to load the next round). It does not seem to be magazine related, and as I said, it happens every 100 – 200 rounds consistently over the last several range trips.

    I was hoping that somebody here might be able to give me an idea as to what could cause this kind of jam. Recoil Spring going bad? Bad lot of ammo (so far all of the ammo this is happening with is from the same case)? Bad extractor (I looked at this and it “looks” ok, but I’m no expert)? Built up “gunk” in the chamber? Any ideas???


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    If it's only happened with one brand of ammo, I'd certainly investigate that further before jumping to any conclusions about your gun. .22's are famously picky with ammo, but I've never yet found a .22 that doesn't happily digest CCI ammo. Pick up a few boxes of that and see if it runs smoothly.

    A through cleaning sure wouldn't hurt it - why not disassemble it and give it a good cleaning? I've heard some real good things about GunZilla lately.

    How old is this 10/22 and how many rounds have you put through it? Changing the springs every 10,000 rounds or so seems like a good idea, although I don't know how long Ruger says they're supposed to last.

    Anyway, give it a good cleaning and try some higher quality ammo, and report back

    Pete Zaria.
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    My 22's do not like remington bulk box but will eat federal 550 round bulk all day long,it seemed like remington cases were sticking in the chamber causing several FTF and FTE,after switching to federal i can shoot several hundred rounds in all my 22's without cleaning and the run great
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    +1 on the Federal and CCI, I have had no problems shooting either of them through my 10/22, however I do have problems with the remington bulk ammo having FTF, FTE, and getting stovepipes

    you might get about 100 rounds of different brands of ammo and try them to see which preforms the best, you can get them in 50 round boxes for about 2-3 dollars. Just my reccomendation

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    I have about 1000 rounds thru it now. I bought it used so I do not know the total round count, but it is certainly not new. I give it a good cleaning each range trip, I disassemble it completely to include removing the bolt group from the receiver (I have never actually removed the firing pin and extractor form the bolt, but I make sure that the get “cleaned around”).

    I have been using Winchester ammo lately and I will try another brand to make sure that it is not just the ammo (I wish! That would make it an easy fix). Before my next rang trip I’ll pick up a couple of different brands for testing, I honestly do not remember whether or not I have used Winchester prior to this case, but I know I have used CCI without problem so I’ll make sure that that is one of my test brands.

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    Here you go. Try this.

    MidwayUSA - Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor Ruger 10/22, 10/22 Magnum, Mark 2, 22/45

    And here's how to do it.

    Good luck with the stovepipes.


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