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The advantage of glasses in self-defense

This is a discussion on The advantage of glasses in self-defense within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I now have to wear glasses to see - progressives at that. They've saved me on several occassions - twigs hitting my face in the ...

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Thread: The advantage of glasses in self-defense

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    I now have to wear glasses to see - progressives at that. They've saved me on several occassions - twigs hitting my face in the woods, brass ejected at the range and more. 15 years ago (before wearing glasses) I had a tiny piece of pine bark (perfectly curved) land on my right eye. It happened on the weekend so I had to go to the ER for removal, numbing, etc. Never again!

    Here's a suggestion for those who just have to use reading glasses. My neighbor only needs glasses to read. He had 20/20 make him a set of progressive bifocals with the reading Rx on the bottom and straight non-Rx for the rest of the lens. He has his reading specs when needed and full-time eye protection all the time. If I didn't need correction near and far, I'd do what he did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    I wear my Oakleys almost all the time except indoors and I always wear them at the range. I wear safety glasses all the time at work. It's second nature for me to have something on in the way of eye protection. Good points for sure. I'm lucky to not have to wear corrective glasses at age 43, and I plan on taking care of my eyeballs to keep extending my good vision as far into the future as possible. I have gotten the stray bug in the eye before as most of us can be a man-stopper!
    Gargoyles come in clear light weight comfortable bullet resistant. I use them when riding in the dark and Serengeti Drivers during daylight hours. The Serengeti Drivers eliminate glare and enhance contrast & clarity in all weather conditions even in the rain and fog. Great for driving riding and shooting. In any daylight condition the lens are not to dark. Normally around $130 to $150 Big 5 often has them on sale for about $50. Protecting your eyes is a worthwhile investment
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    Three years ago I had lens implants in both eyes. As a result I was able to stop wearing glasses after 30 years. It was great at first, but I found I was getting all kinds of crud in my eyes. I found wearing sunglasses was the answer so I never go out of the house without them. Mostly Oakleys with bronze polorized lenses or when driving I like the Serengeti Driver Gradient lenses. These work great if you go through a tunnel, just tip your head up a bit and the botton of the lens is almost clear. Also makes it very easy to read the dash.

    The Oakleys with the bronze lenses are great for night driving. They damp down the on coming head lights.

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