The advantage of glasses in self-defense

The advantage of glasses in self-defense

This is a discussion on The advantage of glasses in self-defense within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; First, this isn't about vision problems that require glasses. It's about the value of wearing glasses even if you don't need them. I've thought about ...

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Thread: The advantage of glasses in self-defense

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    The advantage of glasses in self-defense

    First, this isn't about vision problems that require glasses. It's about the value of wearing glasses even if you don't need them.

    I've thought about this for a number of years as several incidents have happened and each time I thought, this wouldn't have happened if I'd been wearing glasses. E.g. I was out walking and the wind blew something significant in one of my eyes. It stopped me in my tracks while I tried to carefully resolve the problem.

    In my younger years, I've had numerous bugs hit me in the eye while jogging. I've had twigs come near hitting me in the eye while walking in wooded areas.

    But more to the point, are glasses an asset or a liability in a gunfight? IMO, they are an asset all the way. The main consideration is this. When we go to the range to shoot/train or to a school to train, we always wear glasses. Why? Obviously to protect our eyes from any debris that might come our way from shooting.

    Then should we be wearing glasses if we were shooting in a gunfight? What happens if we're practicing and something hits our eye? We stop shooting, and respond according to the severity of the injury. What if something hits our eye, either as a result of shot debris or even wind blown debris, in a real gunfight? We just might die!

    So am I suggesting that we wear glasses all the time? No, certainly not - I'm saying we should wear glasses only when we think we may have to fire our gun in self-defense. It's kinda like only carrying your gun when you think you'll need it isn't it?

    I'm at a point where my vision is slightly farsighted and I can see quite well without glasses, just not up close. Being farsighted, I've found that I can buy inexpensive, low power (1x or 1.25x), full size lens reading glasses and I can see just as well in the distance and better at arm's length - about where my sights would be.

    I find that I'm wearing my glasses (reading glasses that I really don't need, at least yet anyway) more and more. Not to see better per se, but for the protection they provide. Not only do they help protect against wind blown debris, they do the same thing in a gunfight that the do on the range - protect the eyes. It'd be a pretty awful moment if an eye was injured in a gunfight. That could easily decide the outcome.
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    You raise a really good issue. And I agree that wearing good well fitting glasses with a fracture resistant lens, such as polycarbonate, is wise; and can be stylish too.

    I have of necessity worn glasses since I was about 14 y.o.; more than half a century. When I was in my early 40s I decided to try contact lenses. They were comfortable enough, but I felt like my eyes were "naked." I realized that what I was missing was the safety the glasses provided.

    After a year of two of wearing contacts, I just switched back to regular glasses. I can't tell you how many many times the lenses have stopped everything from a twig or small branch to a piece of flying shard when doing some mechanical work.

    So thumbs up for glasses as a safety item--- just do it right so you don't walk around looking like a faux movie star in costume.

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    I agree, any object in the eye is an extreme irritant. It can put the stop to any activity immediately.

    That's why I have taught my daughter (12 yo). If someone has a hold of her in a desperate situation and she needs to get away. She should sink that index finger into the jerks eye as deep as possible. When released, run like hell and find help...

    I wear glasses on my bike, shooting, most home maintenance activities, and at the shop. It's basic common sense, "if debris can fly, protect the eye". I have 20/20 vision, thank the Lord. I want to keep it that way.

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    I don't have the option....I wear glasses to see.........If I didn't need them, I'd still wear something.
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    I can see the advantage protective eyewear might give folks with normal vision. For those of us that have to wear them I believe they are more of a disadvantage.
    Yes they have protected me from normal hazards getting in my eye but they would be a hinderance during a struggle.

    If folks with normal vision has a problem with something getting on the lenses during an altercation they have the option of removing the glasses to regain their vision. I dont have that option. If my glasses are even moved off center just a bit during a struggle I am as good as blind.


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    I wear my Oakleys almost all the time except indoors and I always wear them at the range. I wear safety glasses all the time at work. It's second nature for me to have something on in the way of eye protection. Good points for sure. I'm lucky to not have to wear corrective glasses at age 43, and I plan on taking care of my eyeballs to keep extending my good vision as far into the future as possible. I have gotten the stray bug in the eye before as most of us can be a man-stopper!

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    Be careful of constantly wearing corrective lenses you don't really need - your eyes will become dependent on them over time; then you won't have a choice.

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    On a related note, how many wear protective glasses while driving? In the event of a wreck, there is at least a decent chance that some form of debris will be flying around. Ever shot through auto glass? I can guarantee there will be glass particles. How about when you are doing routine gun maintenance? A spring that pops free can be an ugly surprise while many solvents can cause permanent and irreparable damage. Ever pepper spray someone? Get sucker punched? There are quite a few reasons for wearing eye protection.

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    Glasses often do not do much.
    Shatter proof goggles are what you need.
    Case in point, last Feb a stick hit my glasses and went over the top and lacerated my cornea anyway.

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    Interesting ... I have always worn protective specs while shooting, on a bike, or most any outside activity. But now I "kinda" need them to read upclose too. I now also realize that to acquire "front sight" I do have to shift my head some, which is a pain, but comes with the "older" state that I now find myself in.
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    Unless I'm indoors, I'm always wearing my Oakleys. Wear them to the range too, with amber lenses. I don't have them at night though when a confrontation is most likely.

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    I wear contact lenses when I'm working for two reasons - one practical and one psychological.

    Practical: eyeglasses can be knocked off or damaged far more easily than contact lenses.

    Psychological: human predators look for signs of weakness in their prey, just as 4-legged predators do. A visible indicator of the need for corrective lenses MIGHT be just enough to tip the scales against you during the selection process, just as the slightest irregularity in a gazelle's stride is enough for the lion to pick out.

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    I wear contacts but anytime I'm outside during the day I'm wearing my Oakleys. I need to get a set of clear or other low-light compatible lenses for driving at night.
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    For an instant reaction in a BG situation, I don't think that glasses make a difference one way or another. OMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangle View Post
    First, this isn't about vision problems that require glasses. It's about the value of wearing glasses even if you don't need them.
    I will always wear glasses whether or not needed. It is somewhat of a long story. When I was in the military we were doing training exercises in the jungles of Panama. For these exercises we used everything from BB guns to M-14 rifles with blanks and blank adaptors. From about 12 inches away I was shot in the face with an M-14 with blanks and a blank adaptor. It took a while to dig all of the crap out of my face. Fortunately I was wearing glasses. They saved my eyesight.

    So, ever since I have avoided contact lenses, laser surgery and the like. When I learn a valuable lesson, I am not inclined to toss hard-earned knowledge away.

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