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Is the 30.06 the most common deer hunting round in North America?

This is a discussion on Is the 30.06 the most common deer hunting round in North America? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'd say the 30-30 is....

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Thread: Is the 30.06 the most common deer hunting round in North America?

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    I'd say the 30-30 is.

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    I would have to say that the 30/30 is probably the most common hunting round.

    I have never killed a deer with the 30/30, since I don't have one. I have lever guns but not the 30/30. I have killed deer with the 30.06 since I have one of those.

    Now, all that being said, by most common, are you talking more deer killed with or more hunters usings. My guess is that more hunters use a 30/30, since many a dad will buy their son/daughter that gun first before stepping up to the 30.06 round.
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    Here is a maybe.

    Might also have to do with style preference. Many options with several + / - with bolt action and semi-autos.

    But the 30/30 is the champ of lever action deer hunting. So sometimes it is just a preference for a lever action, and most who prefer lever action go with the 30/30.

    Not the same consistency with other actions.

    Just a thought.

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    I would go with .30-30 and then the .30-06

    I use a .308 myself
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    In the southeast, I would say the 30/30 is. I have friends in the west (and other parts) who use .308, 300winMag, 7mm, 270, etc. The 30.06 is used alot but I wouldn't think it is the most popular.

    I personally use a .300WinMag as an all around big game gun, and tailor the loads to what I'm hunting at the time. I also have a 30/30 for bear & boar hunting and have used it for deer- especially if I'm hunting in the thick where visibility is less than 75 yards. (alot of east Tennessee)
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    .30-06 or .30-30 for sure. I would guess .30-30 honestly.

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    30-30 for me.

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    This doesn't give caliber but does break it out by type of weapon used for deer. Interesting that 79% was with a rifle.

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    In my Dad's generation the 30-'06 was the most popular among his freinds and the 30-30 was second. Having said that Dad always preferred the 30-30 and I have known him to hunt with a .308. He has at least two '06s, but I have never seen him take one hunting.

    In my hunting circle the .308 used to be the most popular and the 30-30 is second. Having said that, as we reached middle age many of my buddies got caught up in the "magnum" craze and started buying 300 win mags and 7mm mags. Several later got rid of those and went back to the .308 becuase the cost, recoil and muzzle blast is nearly intolerable and is just not justified in woods hunting like we always did, where you usually couldn't see for 100yrds, much less shoot at something that far away. So they gave up the magnums. I have to admit to going back from the .308 to the 30-30 simply becuase it's more pleasant to shoot. Becuase I have a bolt action that kicks pretty good, now my dad's semi-auto remington is a smooth shooter with very little recoil and if I had that I may have stayed with .308. I like to shoot and practice with my hunting rifles and 20 rounds out of my .308 will leave you with a sore shoulder for days, where my dad's won't.

    So I gues what I'm alluding to is that depending on where you hunt and what stage of your hunting career your in tends to dictate what you shoot in many cases, and new stuff is always luring people away from the tried and true, therefore the popularity of any given caliber will fluctuate. I still believe that the '06 is the most widely used, even though no one I can think of in my circle uses one. But, it may be the 30-30. I really don't know or have any basis to knwo other than things I have read.

    Here is another unscientific poll :
    Most Popular Deer Caliber - Gun and Game Forums

    Here is an article: The top six deer cartridges in North America, in terms of factory ammunition sales, are the .30-06 Spfd., .270 Win., .30-30 Win., .308 Win., .243 Win., and 7mm Rem. Mag. DEER RIFLE
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    I go Black powder .50 in begining then switch between my Rem700 30-06 and my Winchester 30-30 during rifle season.
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    Not sure if it has been mentioned, but if you take into account all deer taken, legally or not, (IE poaching) I would say that the 22lr is possibly the most common caliber.
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    My first year hunting I used my Remington 870 with iron sights. Every subsequent year I used my Remington 710 30-06. Great gun. I wish that I had the extra cash as I would like to buy a 308.
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    Around here it is the 30-30

    Thats way is in my area
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    around here, the 30-30 seems more popular..

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