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Gun Cleaner ruined my gun!!

This is a discussion on Gun Cleaner ruined my gun!! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I do think it a little bit sad that I had to explain to this person the relationship between cost of fixing something you wronged ...

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    I do think it a little bit sad that I had to explain to this person the relationship between cost of fixing something you wronged and loss of future income from that customer and their family. The first supervisor didn't seem to understand this so i figured i'd include it for this one's benefit. I don't care, just so long as they make it right! I will go to the top just like Squawker said. That will have to wait until I hear back from this current email, and probably til the beginning of next week when things are more open and I have some time.
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    So after no response from my latest email, I dug and found the highest person's email in the company that I could. I forwarded him all my contact history that i'd had with his company and explained things once again and my concerns. He had the lady who'd been ignoring my emails because she was on vacation personally call me and let me know that a check was in the mail for the $75 it would take to fix my gun!
    Here is his email response

    We regret that this issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction prior to you feeling the need to take the additional step of contacting me directly. As you know, the Hoppe’s line of cleaning products is legendary for its quality and effectiveness – so we rarely face these types of issues related to its performance. That being said, we owe you a full review of the incident and a complete outline of our findings. We will investigate your concerns further tomorrow and ensure someone contacts you before the end of the day with an update on our progress.

    Thank you for being a loyal Bushnell customer.

    Best Regards,

    Blake Lipham
    Chief Financial Officer
    Bushnell Outdoor Products

    SO, they're going to do a big review to see if this product is going to harm any more guns and if so, fix the problem so nobody else has to deal with the head ache! AND, they are going to pay to fix my gun!!
    Thank you squawker, you were right about going to the top!
    "The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed."
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    I think you'll see some sort of satisfaction, however, we should note:
    if an aluminum part is not anodized, and if the finish is not known to be PTFE or an epoxy-paint, it is...paint.

    .22s are major culprits. Makers like to crank them out, and cheaper materials= higher margin, so why invest $40 in materials and time(in finishing) in a pistol that has only $100 invested before finishing?

    Gunsmith fees are only going up. This is the main reason I've invested in the best manuals I can get, and learning as much as I can. For $17 you can have a professional-grade finish, using Alumahyde II from Brownells. For $75 you can have a basic Duracoat set and do a couple (or more)of your pieces.

    I would be unhappy too, but realize that Hoppe's only fault was in making an effective cleaner/degreaser.

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    I think Hoppes needs to find a gun identical to the one in question and test their product on it. If they get the same result then their warning lable needs to be changed to reflect that finding.

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    I made a mistake on my XD-45 so I sent it out and had a ION-BOND ( black diamond ) coat installed-

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    I'm happy that you've gotten some satisfaction. While I always begin to handle a problem by starting at the beginning of the chain (and to be honest, mos problems are solved at the first step), it pays to ignore the run around and go to the top. If the company cares about it's customers, and I've only run into one that wasn't, you'll get the problem resolved. Congratulations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    FYI, the Outers brand foaming bore cleaner stripped the finish off the alum. receiver on a 10/22 Ruger I cleaned as well. Luckily for me it was on the inside of the receiver. Seems the bore cleaners are harsh enough to remove baked on finishes.
    I hope Hoppes makes it right for you.
    Same thing with my 10/22; Only mine was "Break Free".
    The offending chemical in the formula was Methylene Cloride ( a paint remover)
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    I really, really, really don't trust this foaming cleaners. Its break-free clp for me!
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    Start a paper trail sending US registered letters with pictures and lot number of the product. This will establish a paper trail.

    Take them to small claims court if necessary.

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