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KelTec 9mm

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Thread: KelTec 9mm

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    KelTec 9mm

    How would you rate the Kal Tec 9mm 92-F (I believe it's the 92-F)

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    The 92F is a Beretta, and its a good full size gun.

    Then there is the KelTec PF9, its a crude design with crude manufacturing, but despite all that, its a decent little gun. They are made to be carried a lot and shot little. Its one of the better inexpensive carry guns out there. Here is a place that you can ask all the KelTec question your heart desires, but most have been answered;
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    The KelTec P-11 (or the PF9) (9mm) and the Beretta 92-F are two completely different guns...I've had and traded both.
    The Beretta you speak of is a great shooting, heavy, dependable sidearm, but not a real carry weapon, IMHO.
    The KelTec is an inexpensive weapon that is dependable, a great concealed carry weapon, but not fun to shoot...sore trigger finger after the first box...again, OMO.
    Both weapons are 9mm, but two completely different looks, sizes, shooting comfort, and conceal ability.

    My question to you is...what are you looking for and what do you want to do with it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmalar97 View Post
    How would you rate the Kal Tec 9mm 92-F (I believe it's the 92-F)
    Well, it's either the P-11 (double-stack), or the PF9 (single-stack) 9mm if it's Kel-Tec. I have the PF9.
    For it's intended purpose, excellent. It carries well, mine has always been dependable and surprisingly accurate (considering who was shooting it). A "fluff-&-buff" - inside and out - and a trigger shoe made it even better.
    For a "range" gun, hunting side-arm, or service gun (other than concealed BUG), you could do much better. Though it's not "uncomfortable" to shoot, it's not as much fun after a couple of magazine-loads. It's rated for +P, but that gets older, faster. (Try a few to see how you handle them before you load-'em-up for carry.)
    I never had a P-11 so I can't confirm or deny, but everyone I know (including my brother) that has had both, says the PF9 has a better trigger.

    In short, it's a good high-mileage/low round CC pistol. I like it.

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    PF9 is ugly but it shoots well. As mentioned, its made to be carry alot and shot little.

    I carry one alot, at the very least. I carry it when I dont expect to have to use it, I carry it as the bare minimum and for that purpose it works well.
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    Carry both P-11 and P3AT.

    Kel-Tec are not "show guns" but are dependable and affordable. Ugly, yes but mine have many hundreds if not thousands of rounds through them without problems, after "fluff and buff" and with regular cleanings.

    They do not look like Kimber, but on my budget they serve the purpose. When I can afford to upgrade I will, only because of my personal vanity.
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