Ruger 22/45 or Kimber Conversion Kit

Ruger 22/45 or Kimber Conversion Kit

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Thread: Ruger 22/45 or Kimber Conversion Kit

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    Ruger 22/45 or Kimber Conversion Kit

    Well, I've finally gotten my daughter to go shooting with me. Problem is, I only have a Kimber Pro Carry II, and I'm finding .45 ACP is a little expensive to go plinking with.

    I can get either the Kimber .22 Conversion Kit or the Ruger 22/45 Mk III for about the same price.


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    2,193 you want a cheaper way to practice with your Kimber, or do you want a "standalone" .22 pistol?

    I went back and forth on this myself and ended up buying a Ruger. I still intend to buy the conversion kit at some point though.
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    I bought a Ceiner conversion for my 1911 and I enjoyed it for a while. Then I got tired of switching back and forth between practice and IDPA matches. So then I found an aluminum frame and built my conversion into its own pistol.

    So my 2 cents is to buy the Ruger.

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    I'd go with the Ruger also. For the same price, why not have another standalone gun?
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    Buy the Ruger. It's a good gun and a second gun is always a plus.
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    I've got a Ruger 22/45.

    While it "points" exactly like my 1911, I find that I DESPISE its safety. Also, there's a huge difference between the actions involved in working the slide on the 1911 and the bolt on the 22/45.

    So....I'd say that if you're looking at it from a viewpoint of practicing marksmanship ONLY, go with the 22/45. For the whole package, though, go with the conversion kit.


    (best of both worlds)

    Get yourself a whole other 1911 in .22LR. I know that Kimber makes 'em.

    Also, reloading is a great way to shoot more for the same amount of money. Well, until the bug FULLY hits you, anyway....

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    Get both! That way when they come to take away your guns, you hand them the Ruger
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    If you get the Ruger, you have an additional plunker in your arsenal...or a gun for the little lady.

    It might just be her ticket to the CCW world in the future.

    Stay more guns...stay safe!
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    second third and forth that, get a seperate .22, some of those conversion kits just dont work as well as a dedicated .22 and no one wants the hassle of changing them over all the time.

    Rugers are good (we use them at our local gun club for beginners), they are accurate and reliable, but butt ugly and have weird controls for mag and slide release).

    I use a .22 Smith & Wesson Model 41. They are expensive new but if you can find a second hand one in good nick they (in my opnion) are far superior to the Ruger.

    Highly accurate (1-2" groups at 25 meters) and they feel more familiar with mag and slide release where they should be on a gun.

    The wood grip is also superb with thumb insert and chekered front back and sides.

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    Well, I've decided to go with the Ruger. Swapping the slide and barrel is not an issue, it doesn't take more than a minute to do.

    I think is has more to do with having a second gun for her to shoot while I shoot my Kimber. I may go with the conversion kit sometime in the future, but for now the Ruger is the best choice.

    Thanks for everyone's input.

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