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Thread: Red dot sight

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    Red dot sight

    Do red dot sights have magnification? I've been looking at afforbable ones $30-50 range and none of them have magnification. Are they just sights or are they scopes with at least a bit of magnification? Do they all take batteries? Thank you.

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    TruGlo makes one with a 2x magnification I believe. Most don't magnify at all. Yes....."the affordable ones" should be good enough for general use on almost anything. I have an "affordable" BSA Red Dot for my AR-15 carry handle mount. Works fine and lasted for several years. Again....the "affordable ones" do require batteries. The model I have comes two ways...the dial or push button brightness settings. Red Dot sights are not scopes. The dot is illuminated and bounced off a mirror to appear unobstructed in the view in the center of the glass. Some of these optics also offer different reticle patterns or different colors. In my opinion, Red Dot sights shouldn't magnify to be used as intended.
    Mine uses relatively common 'coin' lithium batteries like the CR2032 I think.
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    Thanks ram rod.

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    Example of a red-dot with magnification

    Example of a red-dot that doesn't need batteries

    I had a red-dot scope 4-5 years back that had 1-2x magnification, and was battery powered with adjustable brightness and adjustable red-dot size (MOA). It also had a little cap on top you could unscrew in the event your batteries failed/died and would gather light and project a non-adjustable red dot. I think i got it on sale for ~$50, but i don't still have it (no longer use red-dots) and i don't remember who made it. I'll try to find out though.
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    Normally, "red dot" sights do not have magnification, because they are for relatively close ranges, where quick target aquisition is paramount to pin-point accuracy. There are, of course, exceptions, as noted above. Also, the CQT from Leupold, while probably out of the "affordable" range, is a good optic.

    Also, there are 3x and 4x magnifiers available for the most popular (and relatively expensive) optics, such as the AimPoint and the EOTech. This combination makes them even less affordable, but it a great combination that covers a broad range of applications quite well.
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    I have a BSA 30 mm red dot sight on my Remington 1187 slug gun. It's very fast of target acquisition, and has no parallax.


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