School teacher is also an LEO. Can he carry in school?

School teacher is also an LEO. Can he carry in school?

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Thread: School teacher is also an LEO. Can he carry in school?

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    School teacher is also an LEO. Can he carry in school?

    My son's elementary school teacher was bragging to the students that he was an LEO. Saw him at an after school function wearing an "auxiliary deputy sheriff" golf shirt. He appeared to be unarmed, as well as the SRO Deputy who was off duty and running one of the attractions (he IS armed during the school day). Anyway...

    Suppose this guy meets all the requirements to carry as an LEO.

    I wonder if the school system has standing to prohibit carry. Of their employees, yes, but most establishments waive LEOs, as does VA Code. I bet it is not addressed, and if I was him I would go with don't ask don't tell.
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    Huh......that's an intresting question about a situation I've never come accross.

    Just my thoughts, and they ain't always correct(or so my wife tells me.....)

    Auxiliary deputies may or may not have specific rules pertaining to 'off-duty' carry and certinaly teachers who 'moonlight' as LEO's may still have to fall in line with rules/laws concerning guns and school.

    I'd ask him.

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    Interesting question, but I would assume that it would depend upon who he is employed by...the PD, or the school system?
    In my experience, the one who pays the salary is the one with the liabilities, thus making the rules.
    A cop making some extra cash working as a substitute teacher? Mmmmm...tough call, but I would gun. This could mean losing said educational employment even if he were allowed to carry by law, but the employer said, "No!", and was discovered.
    If it were my decision...keep 'em armed.


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    I don't know the rules where you're at but I'm an LEO here in Maine and I am also a respiratory therapist. The hospital I work for has a no weapons policy for employees but no "no weapons/no guns" signs posted. I am always armed and it never been an issue, my bosses know I carry but apparently prefer having an armed LEO on staff over trying to enforce company policy.

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    I know at our college we have a few adjunct instructors that are LEO and usually they carry their gun in class.

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    Just a guess on my part, but I think it would depend on Department regulations. Is the LEO required to carry when not on duty? Does a Reserve officer have the same responsibility/authority to carry when not actually on duty? If not I would guess he cannot carry at the school.
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    Auxiliary deputy may have different rules about carrying and in some places are only considered to have powers of arrest etc. when actually on duty and in some places aren't allowed to carry a firearm unless in uniform fulfilling a duty.I would assume that the individual would be aware of what he can and cannot do legally as everything should be explained upon swearing in.
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    Where I'm at, we have to follow local laws. This means that only on duty law enforcement are allowed to carry in schools.
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