Today's Range Visit

Today's Range Visit

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Thread: Today's Range Visit

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    Today's Range Visit

    Had a fun time at the shooting range today. My mentor and other friends taught me a lot more, and it was nice to have the additional info I have learned here at the DC/CC forums. We shot at some 30 and 50' distant targets, all while standing, mostly with a S&W revolver for me. I am focusing more on controlling the anticipatory reflex which results in an involuntary downward push on the gun. (Maybe there is a better term for that) Also shot at a metal plate about 100' away....really like that immediate audio feedback! "Pow-Bing!" That is a 1/4" steel plate that has some holes right through it! Also spend some time trying out my friends' pistols and a rifle. All very slick firearms. Again we were all exceedingly cautious about range safety which pleased me; no one touches guns while people are downrange, always point the gun downrange when handling them etc (anyone have a link to 'standard' range rules or does such a thing exist?).
    I am gaining confidence and I hope, competance, at handling and using the firearms. Afterwards we went to the local hardware store and looked at possibly 100 different pistols, handled quite a few, and I noticed a concealed carry course posted so I am going to look into enrolling. You do not need to own, in order to do the course.

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    You should consider practicing at around 7 yards (21 feet) or less to get a feel for what any real-life encounter may be like. In most cases, if you're 50-100 feet away from the person you're shooting, you probably have other means of survival (i.e. running away).

    But I agree, the delayed hit on the 100 foot targets is rewarding.

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    Sounds like you're anticipating the shot...
    Enjoy your range time... and keep going.

    As far as distance? Seven to 10 yards is pretty much what I practice with...100'?...I'll run from a threat that far away.

    Stay armed...keep practicing...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I've done that with my pistols at 100 yards and even hit my target a few times.

    My targets were Zombie targets so you can't let them get too close ya know. LOL.

    My range has rules and they are pretty much the same as most ranges go. When you go to the range they should be posted for you to read, most of the times in several locations.

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    Never tried a 100yd shot with a pistol. If somebody was shooting at me from 100yds, I reckon' I'd do my best though. Range days should always be fun, exciting, and a tutorial for us all in one way or another. Any day one can make it to the range is a good day in my book. That's why I try to make time to go at least once a week.
    Guidelines: NRA Range Rules
    You may have to step up and be the range master at a public range. Be careful, be safe.

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