Eyewear at the range

Eyewear at the range

This is a discussion on Eyewear at the range within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I use glasses and called the optometrist today..they are 'plastic'...is this adequate or should I use something on top of them? Thanks...

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Thread: Eyewear at the range

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    Eyewear at the range

    I use glasses and called the optometrist today..they are 'plastic'...is this adequate or should I use something on top of them?

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    As long as they are shatter resistant you should be fine. I always use cheap plastic safety glasses i get for free from work when shooting small arms and at close ranges. I don't use eye protection for long range work though
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    I figure that if any 'safety glasses' have an ANSI rating, they are generally good enough for the possible impacts. I think most safety glasses are plastic of some sort. I wear my Oakleys more than anything at the range unless it's an extremely dark day.

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    Depends on how much you like your eyes. I'd say get something ANSI rated.
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    how much do your glasses cost,if they get scratched they are messed up where a pair of goggles that cost 3 bucks won't hurt the pocket as much,or contacts with regular safety glasses that cost about 7.00
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    Those cheap safety glasses are made of polycarbonate and are pretty tough. Plastic lenses in most eyeglasses are not sufficient for shooting.

    Accidents do happen so safety glasses or shooting glasses should always be worn at the range. Ammo does malfunction. Guns do jam. Escaping gases or burnt powder can get in your eye.

    It's cheap, it's easy, always wear eye protection.

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    Good shooting glasses are a must...only have to have one accident to have someone say, "I told you so..."
    I have found the amber lenses to be most useful.
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    I shoot at an NRA range, and normal everyday glasses are enough for them.

    I wore my normal glasses the first time I went, but now I wear my normal, with others over top.

    Nothing like getting a casing to hit your glasses and leave a ding on your nice 350 dollar prescription...

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    @ Wits' End

    12 pair for $24.something.
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    Firsthand witness to seeing a shell casing, very nicely heated brass, land between eyeglass lens and cheek, just a half-inch below the eye. When that happens while you have a loaded handgun in your grip, it's not a stretch to imagine an unsafe situation. The burn from the casing finally healed about two weeks later.

    Absolutely, no excuses allowed, any shooter next to me will be wearing safety glasses that wrap around the face. If not, I'll move after I explain the real hazard that my hot brass can cause to them, and how their reaction could kill someone. Not worth the risk.

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    I would recomend shooting glases over your regular clases or clear goggles. It is best to have somthing that prevents a hot case from going between your glasses and your eye.

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    Big plus one for wearing safty glasses all the time.

    A while back I went with Bark'n to go pick up his new SA XDSC 9 and the place that he purchased it from had an indoor range so we decided to shoot. Bark'n was in the booth to my right shooting. there were several times that my brass would clear the top of the side wall on the booth I was in and would hit Bark'n on the top of the head.

    A little bit later Bark'n was standing behind me watching me go through some shooting drills. I had one of my casings eject and bounce off the top of the side wall on my shooting booth and come back and land on me between my right temple and my shooting glasses. I kept in mind range safety and (plus had a great reminder from Bark'n in my ear keep saying the gun is still hot the gun is till hot) I dropped my mag and fast racked the slide to clear the round from the chamber and re holstered in what seemed to me like 2 seconds but was probably between 15-30 seconds before I threw my safety shooting glasses off to clear the brass. It took about a month to heal and I have a nice scar now above my right temple slightly towards my eye from a .40 cal casing.

    When i'm at the range now and I see someone shooting without safety glasses, I just have to show them my scar and they soon realize that maybe they are not such a bad idea and I usually see them wearing them shortly there after
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    Those 5 buck clear safety glasses at Home Depot and Lowes can take a beating. I was at work one day, wearing my yellow lensglasses when someone was working on the belt sander. They slipped and the bolt they were sanding shot off, ricocheted on a shelf and hit me square in the glasses. My glasses stayed on and it dinged the lenses but they stood up.

    Now, the guy next to me at the range found out the hard way with hot casings the other day...and his girlfriend wearing the low cut shirt found out minutes later. He was firing a MAC 10 and having fun when two casings hit him, one on each temple stuck between his Oakleys and the sunglass keeper.
    He fired another magazine and 3 or 4 casings landed in her cleavage. She almost stripped down to get them out...made for an interested range day
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    I have a pair of Oakley Half Jacket sunglasses with 2 colors of lenses. When I shoot at the range I switch out my gray lenses for the amber. Takes a few seconds and the amber seem to light everything up better, especially in low light conditions or on cloudy days. I prefer polarized as well. Mine aren't a safety lens but they are impact resistant.

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    If they are prescription glasses you run the risk of scratching them with blow-back when you fire the gun. I'd put a pair of clip on shooting glasses over them.

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