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Lever gun questions

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Thread: Lever gun questions

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    Hey OD;

    Those are very nice! Do you know when the top one was made?

    What a compact little powerhouse those Trappers are. Had a bud who bought one in .30-30 about 10 years ago. It was pretty accurate at 100 yards with the plain factory provided sights and wasn't too much of a whipping to shoot off the bench. For some reason the Model 94 and I don't get on well off the bench rest.

    Here's a 1941 vintage 94 in .32 Winchester Special that I have.

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    Thank you Sir, but yours is a real beauty.

    The pseudo "short rifle" is a 1955 receiver with a Canadian Centennial 20" octagon barrel (and forearm) cut down by Brian Cosby to 16" with all markings but caliber removed. It was built to replicate one that is in Renneberg's "The Winchester Model '94: The First Hundred Years."

    I'll never live long enough to even see enough money to buy an original.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BAC View Post
    ImaShepardRU, I appreciate your opinion, but I think I'm pretty sold on .357 magnum; .44 magnum simply isn't always available at local stores (read: doesn't meat the 'Wally World' test). For that reason I'm also going to lay to rest (for now) the idea of a lever gun in .45 Colt. Given that I can't imagine four inches to mean much to a pistol caliber, I would also agree with you that the shorter barrel would be ideal.

    Okay, I was just about sold on a Marlin 1894C, but if there's a Marlin 336 out there in .357 with a 16" barrel that'll be the one for me. Any idea where I can find this creature?

    Retsup, echobaby, DOGOFWAR, your advice is appreciated too. In fact, I might even direct some of these questions to that Marlin forum...


    Ok, I am an idiot once again. After some research apperently Marlin is not making a 336 in .357 even though I was pretty sure they were. Sorry for the misinformation.

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    just an FYI, .357 isn't a legal big game hunting cartrige out here in CO. Doesn't generate enough energy. I was bummed when I moved out here and found I could no longer use my .357 Dan Wesson. I don't know if other states have similar restrictions because my .357 was fine in MN and WI.
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    Jay, it's all good. The folks at the Marlin forums told me basically the same thing. They even found this on gunbroker for a steal (). 1894C's I can find for right around $500, which is at the upper limit of what I was looking to spend; sub-$500 would be ideal. I can't find a 94 Ranger Compact or Trapper anywhere for under $700.

    I don't believe Florida has a limit on what calibers I can hunt with unless I'm using a muzzle-loader, so I'm good there.


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    I have the .38/.357 Marlin 1894 Cowboy 20 " barrel. At a 100 yrds I have to do one click of the sight if shooting .38's, and none if shooting .357. At 200 yards one click of the sight on .357's and 2 maybe 3 with the .38's. ... and will hit within 1 inch.

    I like the 20" barrel better and think it's more accurate than the 16" at distance. I like the Marlin because it is also a side eject vs a top eject, which allows for an optic sight if you want one.

    They say in the manual ... do NOT shoot FMJ's..... as they can cause bullets in the tube to fire. I've shot numerous non-FMJ's in it , with no issues. Love the gun.

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    Right now Winchesters are going to cost you more then the Marlins. I don't know if you have Big 5 there, but they are selling here under $400 for 1894 Marlins.

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    You might also consider the 1892 series, such as a Puma 92 (Legacy Sports). You can often find these used on GunBroker, GunsAmerica and elsewhere for well under $500.
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    Henry H006M on it's way.

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